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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight Studios
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Running time: 103 mins.

Kendo has dressed 9 girls in their best punk attire for his film Anal Anarchy. Joining the Brits are European stunners Angel, Evey and Daria Glower, as the girls explore each other's arses in five scenes.

Her blonde hair in bunches, Michelle Thorne sits on a plush chair fingering her pussy through her black net knickers. Standing on the other side of the dark grey room, Renee has her lace gloves inside her PVC panties. Licking her lips, Michelle pulls at her pussy and arse. Renee drops her knickers and wanders across the room. The girls watch each other as they masturbate. Michelle fills her bum with fingers. Renee teases her clit. Lips meet and the two kiss. Renee pops a digit between Michelle's legs then bends down to lick. Producing a double-ended dong, Michelle dampens the end and jabs it in her bum. Working the toy, a trail of juice trickles across her thigh. Our attention turns to Renee. Spreading her pussy lips, she stuffs in a shiny black rod and wanks as Michelle's tongue darts over her clit.

In her striped top and knee length socks, Elizabeth shares the sofa with Alysha. Leaning over, she laps at the crotch of Alysha's leopard print tights, Then, grabbing the waist band, she yanks them down. Her studded tongue contacts Alysha's shaven pussy, making her quiver with pleasure. Holding her legs high in the air, she slips in a long red toy. The two swap places. Elizabeth's stripey knickers off, Alysha's mouth explores her pussy and arse. A flexible pink dildo is pressed into Elizabeth's pussy. She squirms as it's bent double and the second end inserted. Alysha laps at the damp mound, then lifts her own red plaid skirt to have her bum prodded with a vibe. Sitting side-by-side, the girls fill their arses and pump at their pussies.

Angel and Evey are the next two girls to probe each other.

With graffiti scrawled over the walls, Michelle Thorne stretches out in a swivel chair. Suzie stands some way away, her hands stroking her boobs. The girls white outfits glow in the ultraviolet light as their hands make for one another's knickers. Suzie's white blouse and bra fall to the floor. She tweaks her pert tits. Michelle slips a finger into her pussy as Suzie prods her arse. Dropping to her knees, Michelle tongues at Suzie's bum. A finger enters her damp hole. Crouching, Suzie stuffs herself with a shiny pink dong. Michelle too has a similar toy which she uses on herself. The girls lick and lap. Suzie bends the toy in two and DP's herself. Michelle crams a blue gel vibe into her arse. The pair suck on the toys and kiss.

Daria leans against a wire cage clad in bright orange overalls, fondling her boobs. Wearing welding goggles, Michelle B mirrors her every move. Wetting her fingers, she slips them into her pussy. Leaning forward, Michelle twists a screwed pole into her pussy. On the other side of the room, Daria reciprocates. Breathing deeply, the girls mist up the camera lens. The two come together. Tongues dart over boobs as they bite at each other's nipples. Daria lies back, letting Michelle lap at her pubes as the red rod slips in and out. She returns the pleasure, licking at Michelle as her pussy is filled by the toy.

For those expecting wall-to-wall arse banging, Anal Anarchy could be a disappointment. For the rest of us it's another cracking film from the camera of Kendo. The seedy settings and slutty look for the girls adds to the atmosphere of the film, giving the action a slightly edgy feel. The pairings in the scenes also work well, with Alysha holding her own against Elizabeth and two fine performances from Michelle Thorne with Renee and Suzie. For a girl/girl film with a bit of a twist, Anal Anarchy fits the bill.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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