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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Sex für Cash
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

Hazza B'Gunne has set his new sidekick Dick Bush a challenge. Armed with a case full of cash and a video camera, he has to fulfil a series of sexual tasks, returning with a movie. On his way he encounters five sexy girls, Isabel Ice, Pearl and the Hungarian trio of Diana Gold, Dora Venter and Lara Stevens.

Opening the first golden envelope, Dick has to find an estate agent for Tristan to fuck as she shows them around a house. The pair meet a smart and spectacled Isabel Ice at the prospective property. The three first look round the lounge, then the kitchen, before making their way to the bedrooms. Dick pops the question: how much would it take for Tristan to shag her? A wad of £50's will do. Isabel slips off her striped blouse and eases down Tristan's trousers as he plays with her tits. Dropping back on to the bed, her knickers come off and he finger fucks her hairy muff. With three digits in her pussy, the juices flow. Tristan goes down to lap between her stocking clad legs. Sitting up, Isabel coats Tristan's cock with spit then shoves it down her throat. Stretching wide she thrusts the dick deep into her cunt. Turning onto her side, Isabel is up for some anal action. Tristan bangs away at her bum. Some reverse riding and Isabel rolls onto all fours to be taken from behind. There's a large damp patch on the bed where she lay. Her arse gaping, Isabel fingers herself while Tristan wanks over her face and tits.

The next challenge is to break into a house with Lara Stevens and Tristan, to bonk on the sofa. Owner Kenny joins in their fun.

Students are supposed to be sexy, so Danny Boy and Tristan are sent to university. For a pile of cash, Dora Venter agrees to tackle both the boys.

Standing in Covent Garden, Dick and Diana Gold look for guys. After a couple of abortive approaches, Wayne agrees to go back to her flat and be filmed fucking her.

For the final challenge, and with the case almost empty of money, Mark Sloan has to find a shop girl to shag. Walking up and down the darkened high street he eventually sees Pearl while looking into a window as she rearranges her wares. The boys are drawn by her big boobs. Waving the cash, she lets Mark fondle her tits. His hand moves down to her smoothly shaven snatch. Pearl agrees to go back to the studio. Lying across the boys' laps, Mark runs his fingers up and down Pearl's fishnet covered legs, then lifts out her boobs to bite at her nipples. Kneeling, she takes the tip of Mark's prick between her lips and sucks. She wraps her tits around his shaft. Excited, Pearl sinks her swollen pussy lips down Mark's cock. Her breasts jiggle as she rides him reverse cowgirl. She gives him a tit wank and then drops to her hands and knees to be banged doggy. Mark moves his dick from Pearl's pussy to her arse and gently rocks. He sits back with Pearl on his lap and his cock up her bum. Tugging at her pussy, Mark cums over Pearl's tits. She licks the last drop of jizz from his dick.

Packed with great girls and an innovative story line, the film has all the ingredients to be a hit. Unfortunately though, like other recent releases from Relish, indifferent lighting and 'hand held' camerawork make the picture dull and the colours flat. Add in Kenny, who doesn't really rise to the occasion, and Asscapades is a bit of a let down.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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