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Released: 2007
Director: Dick Bush
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Sex für Cash 2 Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 125 mins.

Hazza B Gunne's prodigy, Dick Bush, is sent out for a second time with just a camera, a list of challenges and a case full of cash, and is expected to come back with a film. On his way he meets Natalie, Katie, Daisy, Emma and Alicia, who are all willing to perform for a pile of his dosh.

Checking the money, Jay and Dick open the first envelope. They have to find and video a housewife first thing in the morning. Choosing a door, they knock and Natalie opens it in her gown. Seeing the stash of cash she invites the boys in. Jay is soon sucking at her firm round breasts. Natalie yanks at his pants to see what he has to offer. Her tongue darts over the tip of the dick. She then feeds it down her throat. Natalie discards her yellow silk knickers as she sucks. Sliding down the Chesterfield, she gets her pussy licked. She sighs as Jay works away with his fingers. Opening her legs, Jay thrusts in his cock. Natalie moves, bending over the arm of the sofa to be fucked from behind. With Jay sitting down, Natalie eases his cock up her arse. The two roll over, the settee rocking as they bang away. Stretching her bum open, Natalie is taken doggy. The action is almost too much for Jay. Pulling out, he cums on her tits. Natalie laps the last few drops from his dick.

Challenge two is to introduce a new girl to sex on film. Katie Fox arrives at the sound studios thinking it's just an audition. Sitting beside Jay in her red spotty top and jeans, she reads through her lines. Dick wants to know if she would go all the way for a wad of notes. Katie's top and jeans come off, along with her bra and panties. Leaning forward, she lets Jay lick at her arse and smoothly shaven snatch. Turning, Katie takes Jay's cock between her lips and gently caresses his balls, before falling onto all fours to be hammered doggy. Legs spread wide, Katie tugs at her clit while Jay pounds at her pussy. A deep breath and she squeezes his knob up her bum. Katie's cries of pleasure echo around the empty studio as she rolls over for more anal action. Katie squats while Jay jerks his load over her face. She licks his cream off her lips.

It's Dick's 21st birthday and Demetri has arranged a party, with Daisy booked as the entertainment. Bouncing into the room, she starts to juggle but abruptly stops when she realises that only Dick and Demetri have turned up. Showing Daisy the case of cash, the boys ask if she does any other sort of entertaining. Tying her hair back, she thinks she can make Demetri's cock disappear down her throat. Taking off her top. Daisy drags her boobs across Demetri's body. Holding his dick in both hands, her tongue dances over the head. Ripping open her blue tights, Daisy settles down on his shaft and leans back as she bounces. Demetri turns Daisy over, shagging her through her laddered and tattered tights missionary, then doggy. Demetri lies on his back as Daisy works his prick up her arse and fingers the gaping hole. She waits with her tongue out for Demetri's spunk. He sprays her face in jizz.

Sitting outside a pub with Mark and Demetri, Dick opens the next envelope. The boys have to fuck a barmaid. Their eyes turn to Emma. She agrees to go back to the boys' flat. Sitting between the pair in her short black skirt and thigh length boots, Emma wants to see the cash before she goes further. Mark moves down and laps at her tight black knickers as she sucks on Demetri. Panties pulled to one side, a tongue probes her arse. The boys swap places, Demetri filling her snatch with his shaft. With her skirt gathered round her waist, Emma 69's with Mark. A finger is slipped into her bum. Moaning, Emma is spit-roasted, pussy first, then in her bum. She sits on the guys' dicks and gyrates. Lying side by side with Demetri, Emma takes his manhood in her arse. The boys empty their balls on Emma's face.

The final challenge is for Mark and Danny to find a courting couple and persuade the girl to go with them. They spot Alicia leaving a cinema with her boyfriend and approach. Once she sees the stash of cash, Alicia has no problems telling her boyfriend to sod off as she makes her way back to their flat. In her green and black dress, she settles down between the pair. They quickly work their fingers into her knickers. A cock in each hand, Alicia pulls the boys towards her. She feeds their manhood's down her throat, causing her to gag. Knickers off, she takes a guy at each end. Her boobs swing as Mark bangs away at her pussy. The boys change places and Danny thrusts in his dick. Climbing onto Mark, Alicia rides him cowgirl. Stretching her bum, she invites Danny for some DP action. Removing her black bra, the two get a tit wank before turning Alicia upside down to pile drive her. The three end on the floor for some more double dicking. Alicia takes their cum in her mouth and gargles.

Asscapades 2 is far better than the first film in the series, with nicely worked scenarios and good performances from all. Although, the Relish production team still have a problem with the lighting in some of the scenes. New girl Katie Fox did particularly well, appearing at ease with the camera. While Daisy showed a talent for juggling - and not just Demetri's balls. This film is an entertaining two hours viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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