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Released: 2004 (2007 for DVD)
Director: Caid Dakoda
Notes: Lennox Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 87 mins.

This is a strange film, shot in America and supposedly giving the female view point. All the girls in the film are British. Roxy, Michelle, Iyesha and Roxanne appear in three water based scenes with four muscle bound guys.

In a series of tracking shots, Roxy and Nick Manning are seen in the hot tub. As the camera zooms in through the trestle, Roxy slowly sinks beneath the water to take his cock in her mouth. Nick pushes himself against the side of the tub to let Roxy at his nut sack. She runs her hand over his chest as her head gently bobs. Picking Roxy up, Nick places her on the edge of the tub. The camera revolves around the pair as he laps and finger fucks her. With her leg wrapped around his back, the two fall back into the tub to fuck. Climbing out, the shagging continues - missionary, then doggy. Pulling out, Nick shoots his load over Roxy's back.

Michelle and Iyesha are sharing a bath with Mario Rossi when Ben Brat comes in for a shower. Iyesha joins him in the cubical, rubbing soap all over his body. In the bath, Michelle has her lips around Mario's man meat. Stooping, Iyesha sucks at Ben's dick as the water cascades over her body. He slowly sinks to her level to lick at her pussy. Michelle bends over the side of the bath to be filled from behind. Iyesha presses her boobs against the shower cabinet door. Climbing back into the bath, the girls swap guys. Michelle lies back in the water to be taken missionary, while Iyesha stands to be fucked. The guys jerk off over both girls' tits.

Kris Slater lies on a lounger by the pool, with Roxanne Hall on top of him licking his chest. Pulling down his shorts, she plants her lips on his prick then slowly wanks his wet shaft. Changing places, Kris buries his face between her legs as the light slowly fades. She grabs his hair as he licks. Roxanne's body quivers as she is finger fucked. Kris moves up her body, sliding his cock into her pussy. She turns over onto all fours and stretches her arse wide. Kris slips in his dick and rhythmically rocks. Ready to cum, Roxanne sits up to take Kris's cum on her tits.

The film is full of sweeping, soft-focus, mid and long distance shots, with a lot of emphasis being placed on the guys. I have to admit at times I found it rather demeaning to the four British girls, as they appeared to be nothing more than props, or just part of the set. It's obvious the American idea of a 'female based' film is not like our own Anna Span productions, concentrating as it does more on rippling biceps and thighs - and to hell with the girls!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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