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Released: 2007
Director: James Edwards
Notes: Candice Paris
Alternate Titles
  • Rude Girls 8
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 97 mins.

James Edwards has a simple approach to filming. He invites a group of sexy girls to sit alone or sometimes share his brown leather sofa with Antonia Deona and films the results with his hand held camera.

Slut in Stockings
Wearing a black top and skirt, trimmed in red, with stockings and purple strapped heels, Antonia lounges on the sofa caressing her legs. Digging a nail through one of her nylons, she ladders her stockings. Top and bra off, Antonia lifts her breasts and licks. Her hands make their way to her panties. She eases them down. She slips a finger into her moist pussy and teases her clit. Moaning, she slips a buzzing toy between her legs and climaxes.

Student Surprise
Clare (as Frankie) takes her place on the sofa dressed in a school uniform comprised of a white blouse, black skirt and ankle socks. Peering over the top of her glasses, she runs a floral vibrator against her tits. Blouse off, Clare fondles her breasts and plays with her nipples. Her skirt hoisted up, she presses the toy against her white briefs. Crouching on the sofa, Clare slips the vibrator into her knickers and wanks. Access to her pussy is easier with her panties removed. Fingering and toying, she brings herself to orgasm.

A Heck of a Girl
Her green top pulled tight across her boobs, Natalie is feeling hot and horny. Her knickers are soon off and she pounds a purple vibe deep into her pussy. Rolling over, Natalie works away at her snatch. She pops a finger into her arse as she plays. Tasting her juices from the toy, Natalie can't wait to finish herself off.

Sexperience Shows
Looking as if they've just been jogging, Antonia and Dionna sit on the sofa in their T-shirts and track suit bottoms. Taking off their tops, the girls run their tongues over each other's tits. Trainers and pants discarded, the two blondes move down to the pussy department. Antonia finds a slim white vibe to use on Dionna's snatch, but this is soon swapped for a more substantial rabbit. Fastening up her strap-on, Dionna is ready to take Antonia. After hammering away, she finishes her off with a whirring toy.

Are We Worthy?
Red minx Tequila sits in her calf length boots, her legs apart, displaying her fanny. Kneeling on the sofa, she reaches down and fingers herself between her legs. Her red attire removed, Tequila squeezes her tits together and parts her pussy lips in preparation for a red rabbit. Tequila's fingers feel nice inside, but she prefers the buzz of plastic in her pussy. Throwing her head back, she cums.

Pocket Rocket
Leaving James's lounge, we find ourselves at the pub where Tallie is practicing on the pool table. Wearing a pink net top and skirt, the busty blonde pots a few balls. She finds a sex toy stuffed into one of the pockets. Climbing onto the table, she strips and slips the long fluorescent pink length into her pussy. Standing the toy on it's end, Tallie crouches over it and slowly sinks down and starts to gyrate. The ball is knocked aside as Tallie stretches out on the table. A finger in her arse, she probes her pussy with the toy.

Fun in the Sun
A walk in the countryside soon turns into a little more when Antonia and Leah stop for a rest. Settling themselves in a sunny spot, the pair start to strip. Their fingers soon find their way into each other's fannies. Opening the picnic hamper, it's crammed with toys! The girls choose their weapons and start to wank. After a little individual work, Antonia and Leah spot a double-ended dong. The two decide to share it. More rummaging and Antonia finds a strap-on. Buckling it up, she uses it on Leah. Lying back on the grass, Leah selects a rabbit to make Antonia climax.

Strap-On Duo at Dunston Hall
The final scene is completely different from the rest of the film. 'Professionally' lit and shot, there is none of the banter from behind the camera which occurs in the earlier scenes. Katie and Emma are sharing a room in a Norwich hotel. They've turned up for a party but there's a distinct lack of cock. Lying on the bed in their lingerie, the two start exploring each other. Tongues and fingers find their way over tits and into pussies. Opening the bedside cabinet, a strap-on lies beside the bible. Katie pulls it on and is ready to fuck Emma. Rubbing the plastic against her pussy, Emma feels horny. Katie thrusts deep into her hole. Down on all fours, the false prick is eased into Emma's arse. She gasps as it enters. The couple flop back on the bed. Emma rides Katie's dick reverse, then drops to her side. Emma examines the drawer at her side of the bed. A second strap-on has been secreted. Fastening it up, she bangs away at Katie's shorn pussy, making her shake with pleasure.

Antonia Deona Rude Girls 8 is not a complex studio production with batteries of lights and sophisticated editing. For seven of the eight scenes it's James doing a decent, if sometimes wobbly, job with the camera. That takes nothing away from the film. The girls look at ease with the set-up and the results are hot and natural. My only concern is for the sofa. All that action can't be good for the springs!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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