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Released: 2007
Director: Phil Barry (credited to Phil Barmy on BBFC)
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 98 mins.

Up until now Pumpkin's diarist has been Cathy Barry, but now she has been joined by Alysha, who opens the pages of her secret book to reveal her sex life. Each of the four scenes starts identically, with slim blonde Alysha telling what she's been getting up to...

Looking for a flat mate, Alysha gets a call from Katie. She can be there in a couple of minutes. Hurriedly, Alysha straightens things up. Katie likes the place and settles on the sofa in her baggy grey jumper and short black skirt to discuss terms. With Alysha away preparing drinks, Katie notices a vibrator sticking out from under a cushion. Slightly embarrassed, Alysha tries to explain. Katie has never used a toy before and would prefer a demonstration. Lifting Katie's skirt, Alysha holds the buzzing vibe against her panties before slipping them down and entering it into her shaven snatch. Feeling somewhat over dressed, Alysha drops her jeans as she works on Katie's fanny. Kneeling, Alysha pushes the toy into her own pussy. Katie laps and licks. Katie's boyfriend, Jay, rings to see if she likes the flat. The girls invite him over to take a look. Upon arriving, he finds the pair munching muff. Jay unfastens his pants and joins in. Alysha sits back masturbating while her new flat mate Katie gets fucked missionary. She moves in to caress her big bouncing boobs. Katie climbs on top of Jay and rides him, twisting and turning on his cock. Ready to cum, Jay fills Katie's mouth. She gives Alysha a spunky kiss.

Working as a dental nurse, Alysha can't help but notice how a patient's short skirt rides up as the chair tilts back. She tells dentist Stefan it's more than a mirror she wants in her mouth. With Stefan filling the girl's face, Alysha tugs down her red panties to lick and finger fuck her. The juices start flowing. Removing her white uniform, Alysha climbs onto the chair and sits on the girl's face. Stefan jabs a finger into her arse. Cradling the dentist's balls, Alysha sucks at his cock. The patient crouches beside her and joins in. Cementing the bond between dentist and patient, Stefan bangs away on the chair. Alysha wanks away while the other two drop to the floor to fuck reverse cowgirl. Kneeling, Stefan jerks his cream over the girls' faces.

Sacked from the dentist's, Alysha gets a job as a visiting manicurist. It doesn't take her long to get into trouble again. Her client sits in her tight lemon top and black skirt with Alysha filing away at her nails. Lifting the top, Alysha nibbles at the girl's nipples then removes her own pink bra to have her pert tits played with. Alysha's fingers find the girl's shaven pussy just as her husband comes home. The girls make a grab for his cock. Guiding the dick into Alysha's pussy, her long blond hair falls forward as she rides reverse. Dropping onto all fours, the girl wants her husband's cock in her pussy. The three swap partners, sucking and fucking as they move from missionary to doggy. Finally the guy lets loose his load over the girls' faces.

It's off to piano lessons for Alysha, but she hasn't been practicing. With Jay standing beside her, Alysha prefers to finger his cock rather than the keys. Her tongue runs over the head and she swallows. Her panties off, she lies back on the stool to be licked. Climbing onto the top of the piano, Alysha wraps her legs around Jay's neck as she's fucked. Rolling over, she slowly rocks back against his cock. Smearing the wet member over her face, Alysha sinks her pussy onto the erect shaft. Her thighs tremble as she gyrates. The pair move to the sofa. Moaning, Alysha steadies her slim frame while Jay thrusts deep. The two turn and Alysha ends up on top. She kneels to be taken from behind. The whole sofa shakes with their exertions. Jay empties his cock into Alysha's mouth.

Phil Barry and the Pumpkin team have a lot of experience in setting up and shooting films, and it shows. The scenarios for the scenes, just like the idea of basing the film around Alysha's diary, are not new, but placed in Phil's expert hands and with Alysha's enthusiastic performance, they appear fresh. Also, top marks too for the supporting girls. It's a pity Pumpkin missed their names from the credits. With volume two of the diaries already out, will Alysha produce more? If they're like this one, I hope so.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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