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Released: 2007
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 134 mins.

Sitting in her black top and short denim skirt, Alysha has a large black book open on her lap and is ready to recount a second series of tales from her diary.

Alysha's first story comes from the time she was working as a maid for Michelle Thorne. With her work not being up to standard, Alysha is willing to do anything to retain her position. Lifting her black skirt, Michelle's hand slaps against her bum. A finger slips its way past Alysha's panties and into her pussy. Pushing Alysha back onto the sofa, Michelle's big brimmed black hat falls off as she forces her face into her fanny. The maid moans as her clit is tongued. Undoing her dress, Michelle stands in front of Alysha in her sexy black lingerie. Easing a boob out of her bra, she wants her erect nipples sucked. Working her way down Michelle's body, Alysha arrives at her pussy. Licking and chewing, she pops a green vibe into her cunt. The two swap places. Alysha is prised open by a toy. She trembles as it pounds in and out. The girls settle side-by-side to wank themselves to climax.

Returning from her riding lesson, Alysha feels horny. Opening her jacket, she invites the stable lad to play with her petite tits. From the bulge in his pants, Alysha can see the lad is enjoying himself. She releases his prick and crams it into her mouth. Down on all fours, the lad laps at Alysha's neatly trimmed snatch. His tongue works its way to her arse as his fingers slip into her pussy. Rolling over, Alysha pulls back her legs. The guy thrusts deep into her pussy. Slamming herself onto his cock, she rides the guy cowgirl. The two climb onto the sofa where, after a little doggy, Alysha spreads herself over the arm to be fucked missionary. Ready to cum, the lad jerks his load over Alysha's face.

Lying on the bed in his red robe, Pete le Meat has a penchant for taking on two girls at once. To satisfy his insatiable appetite, he's invited round Alysha and Delta. Knowing what they have to do, Alysha wraps her lips around his dick while Delta slips off her pink panties and sits on Pete's face. After Pete's chomped away at Delta's pussy lips, the two girls move, giving him a chance to chew at Alysha. Teasing the girls with his cock, Pete takes Alysha from behind. Her tits hanging out of her floral basque, Delta gets a go on his prick. Turned upside down, the busty blonde is pile driven into the carpet. Picking Alysha up, she hangs from Pete's neck to be fucked. The two crouch to take his cum on their faces, then kiss.

After sharing a guy with Delta, Alysha wants some cock for herself. She gets the chance whilst examining her garden in her long black dress. A group of five guys will more than satisfy Alysha's needs. One-by-one she gets their cocks out and starts to suck. Surrounded by dick, Alysha doesn't know which way to turn. Dress and knickers off, Alysha slips onto the first cock while she wanks at two more. Dropping onto her hands and knees, she continues to suck as the group fuck her doggy style. With the sunlight playing over her body, Alysha eases two guys into her pussy and sucks at a third. Pushed up onto her shoulders, the boys drive into her pussy. Sitting on the grass, Alysha is showered with spunk.

A night out with Alexis ends back at Alysha's flat with two guys in tow. Alysha has always admired Alexis's boobs. Lifting them out of her dress, she licks and sucks. The boys join in. Pants pulled down, Alexis wraps her lips around a shaft. Beside her, Alysha shags on the sofa. Climbing onto a cock, Alexis's big boobs are bouncing. The couples swap, with the girls rising and falling in unison as they ride their partners. Getting fucked from behind, Alysha lets Alexis tongue her for added excitement. A little dick licking and the girls go face down on the sofa for some doggy action. Swapping partners again, the boys bang away till they are ready to cum. Alysha gets her face spattered in jizz. She joins Alexis to catch the guys' cream in her mouth.

In the final scene, Alysha becomes a relationship councillor for her friend Brooke. Things haven't been going too well between Brooke and her husband. Perhaps a threesome may put a little spark back into their sex life? Sitting among the fluffy sheepskin cushions, Alysha leans forward and peels down Brooke's lilac-pink top. Grabbing hold of her boobs, she sucks. Brooke's panties are next to fall. Alysha has always wanted to taste her friend's shaven, pierced snatch. Showing the guy how to tongue, Alysha leaves him to it while she unzips his pants to get at his cock. With bracelets jangling, Brooke wanks on the shaft before feeding it down her throat. Alysha wants to try the black man meat and bangs it against her tonsils. The girls probe each other's pussies. Brooke then guides her fella between her legs. Alysha takes her turn on the cock, grinding herself against his balls as she rides reverse. Flopping back onto the sofa, Alysha holds Brooke's face in her fanny. Her guy bangs away behind her. Even missionary position has a new light for Brooke, with her partner hammering away at her pussy. Kneeling either side of the dick, the girls tug his load over their faces.

For those who are getting tired of silicon stuffed stars, flat-chested and slightly gangly Alysha is a refreshing change to watch. Under the expert direction of Phil Barry, Alysha shows that, whether with girls or guys, she can produce the goods. Some may mutter that the scenarios for the maid and riding scene aren't exactly fresh, but who cares? They are, like the rest of the film, very well done. In Alysha, Pumpkin have a new diarist in the making.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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