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Released: 2007
Director: Dick Bush
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Sex für Cash 3 Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

Playing cops and robbers with his mates outside Relish HQ, Dick Bush is summoned by Hazza for his next assignment. With a case full of cash and five golden envelopes containing his challenges, Dick is sent out into the streets only to return when the third in the series of Asscapades is in the can.

Allotted Angel Dark as a helper, Dick finds out his first task: the pair have to find a mourner. Suitably dressed in black, Angel and Dick head for the local cemetery where Keiran is found lamenting over a grave. Angel provides some solace by taking him home to be fucked.

Having successfully cum through the first challenge, Dick asks Keiran to hang about for the second. Opening the envelope, Keiran has to order a pizza and fuck the delivery girl. Moments later Elle has arrived in her leathers. Flashing the cash, Dick persuades her to stay. Slipping off her jacket, she stands in her pink top and denim mini skirt. A second wodge of notes and Elle tugs at Keiran's prick. Sitting Keiran down, Elle falls between his legs, jerking his cock into her mouth. Her bra undone, she sandwiches the damp member between her boobs. Skirt and knickers on the floor, Elle takes Keiran's place on the chair. Her legs parted, he munches and fingers her hairy muff. Parting her pussy lips, Keiran thrusts in deep, making the chair rock back. The two move to the floor where Elle mounts his manhood. Throwing herself back, Elle gets fucked in the crab position. She falls onto her side to be dicked in the arse. Moaning, she rubs hard at her clit as Keiran bangs her bum doggy style. Elle turns to catch his cum on her tongue. With spunk dripping from her chin, she picks up her money and leaves.

Dick find himself sharing a hotel bedroom with Jay and Keiran. Their mission today is to fuck the chamber maid. With towels over her arm, Suzie turns up. Dick waves a pile of cash under her nose to make her stay. She takes very little convincing. Lying between the lads, Suzie wanks at their cocks. Stripping out of her blouse and black basque, she suggests the two have a pussy licking competition. Keiran is first up. His tongue pokes and prods as she sucks at Jay's cock. Propping her bum up on a pillow, Jay takes his chance. With both boys standing over her, Suzie slips both pricks between her lips. Getting the pair to lie side by side, Suzie's pussy shifts from shaft to shaft. She falls back to be spit-roasted. Keiran tumbles to the floor. More riding, this time up the bum. Jay moves in to double stuff Suzie. The three flop back and forth as the frantic fucking continues. Finally, Suzie falls down the gap between the two beds. The guys plaster her face with jizz.

Meeting Dick under a railway viaduct, Isabel only has two cards to choose from. She is to find a workman to fuck her up the arse. Round the corner, she spots Jay Scarman just about to lock up his garage. He's up for the challenge, cash or not. Back at the flat, Jay strips lightning fast and stretches out on the bed. In her black strapless dress, Isabel leans over his body and swallows his cock. Undoing the zip, Isabel's boobs fall out. Her dress falls to the floor and she wipes her tits with the wet cock. Next, her knickers are off and Jay's face nestles into her hairy snatch. Reaching out for his prick, Isabel rubs it against her clit before sinking down on his shaft. Jay gropes her bum as she bounces. After a little 69ing, Isabel moves back on Jay's cock. He turns her over so the pair can fuck missionary. Pulling at her arse, Jay thrusts deep into Isabel's gaping hole. Tasting her juices from Jay's cock, Isabel gets him to lap at her bum before indulging in more anal action. The session ends with Isabel jerking Jay's jizz over her tits and smiling.

Angel Dark joins Dick for the last scene. Dressed in an almost non existent pink bikini, she has to flag down a London motorist and fuck him. As luck would have it the first guy she stops is Ian Tait. His reluctance soon wanes at the sight of her body and the thought of the cash.

Asscapade 3 is another great film in the series from Relish. As in volumes one and two, the team have mixed the naivety of Dick with bags of hot action. For fans of the au natural look, the sight of Elle's and very naughty Isabel's hairy bushes sliding onto some hard shafts is amazing. And for those who like a little less in the pubes department, Angel and Suzie more than fit the bill. Asscapades 3 is a film well worth adding to your collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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