< After Desert Storm DVD available

Released: 1988
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Germany, SAP
Alternate Titles
  • L'Animal Italien 2 DVD available on same disc as L'Animal Italien 1
  • Vietnam 3 and 4
Notes and Reviews

From the SAP release entitled After Desert Storm.

Directed by Marco Salieri

Released by Sascha Alexander Productions

I suspect this may be a re-release of Vietnam Part 3 and/or 4 which was re-titled (and maybe re-edited) to be topical after the Gulf War as the cast, characters (nuns, Asian girls) and scenery all fit Vietnam much better than Iraq and Kuwait.

The dialogue is in German, but Roberto Malone seems to be suffering from flashbacks of the events he experienced and crimes he committed in a past war. Solange's husband (?) is confined to a wheelchair and may have been the victim of one of those crimes.

  • Joy Karins interviews Roberto who gets a brief bj.
  • Cut to army scene. Cut back to Interview. Cut to Solange at home with a man in wheelchair who is on the phone to another man.
  • Roberto Malone goes to a coffee bar and suffers a flashback to the war. An Asian girl with three soldiers in combat fatigues. She takes facials then they piss into her mouth.
  • Back to the bar and then another flashback to a sex scene in the countryside (much more green than the desert) where a soldier accosts a blonde nun (Julie Bailey) - bj, full sex, facial.
  • Flashback Roberto Malone gropes a female soldier.
  • Flashback - brunette and Rocco Siffredi.
  • Flashback - same girl and Roberto Malone, anal, facial.
  • Cut to Solange with the man in the wheelchair.
  • Joy Karins and Roberto Malone meet in a cafe.
  • Solange talks to the man in the wheelchair.
  • Flashback Roberto Malone, Julie Bailey and older man, fucks both, facials.
  • Flashback soldiers squabble.
  • Solange talks to man in wheelchair.
  • Joy Karins, Roberto Malone and Rocco meet.
  • Solange is on the phone to someone.
  • Solange visits a woman at her house and Roberto Malone comes in. He seems to think Solange is someone from his past and he forces them both to have sex with him - first the other woman while Solange watches and masturbates, then Solange, then threesome to shared facial.
  • Meanwhile the man in the wheelchair is trying to get fit and has a showdown with Roberto Malone in a wood.

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