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Released: 2008
Director: Mr French
Notes: DVSX
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Running time: 142 mins.

All Out Anal 3 is one of those films in which, though it claims not to be a compilation, the five scenes don't seem to gel together. Looking at the line-up starring Poppy Morgan, Jennifer Dark, Lucy Lee, Amber Rayne and Suzie Carina, it's clear that some of the movie is not recent. Maybe DVSX are releasing some scenes which have been lying on a shelf?

An almost blonde Poppy appears in a pale blue top and matching panties on the obligatory sofa. Easing a glass plug between her pussy lips, she then slips a glass rod into her arse. Stretching her arse, Poppy pushes in four fingers, leaving her hole gaping for Stanley when he arrives. Peeling down her knickers, Stanley probes Poppy's bum with his tongue. She grabs his cock and guides it towards her mouth. Poppy's hand works on the shaft as she fills her mouth with prick... She's ready to be fucked. On all fours, on the sofa, Poppy receives the moist dick in her arse. She rocks forward with each thrust. Picking Poppy up, Stanley hangs her from his neck as she swings against his manhood. Sitting down, Poppy continues the anal action cowgirl, then spins to face the other way. Jumping off, Poppy takes Stanley's spunk over her face.

In Poppy's scene (like the others in the film) the action lacks variation. Three, four or five minutes of anal doggy is watchable. Anything more (no matter how many angles it's shot from) and it becomes repetitive. All Out Anal 3 is only for ardent Poppy fans.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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