< Aged To Perfection 24: "Old British Bats"

Released: 2001
Notes: Totally Tasteless
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The American Aged to Perfection series ran for 10 years up to 2005 - in the days when amateur milfs tended to be old and non-professional. So the first two scenes (from the days when John Mason roamed England photographing women, young and old, then fucking them) fit neatly into the strand. John's scenes have been sporadically released on semi-pro labels, bootlegs and the odd legit Brit DVD as well as the US British Bonkers series, so the same scenes can appear several times. Not so with these two, which are unique.

Like many of his amateur scenes, John starts with cameraman banter. Then they call on Sarah, small blonde and fortyish. Some stills are shot, a strip, then a bit of jolly lively fucking upstairs in the bedroom.

Natasha meets John in a hotel room and the action starts with another Mason trademark, a pubic shave. John shoots a couple of rolls of film then undresses and joins Natasha on the bed for sex.

The strange third scene is cut from entirely different cloth. Wendy, a fat grey-haired old lady in her bedroom, pulls a leaflet (written in English and German) from her draw and calls a pair of odd job men to fix her radiator. Naturally she cannot afford to pay, so the older plumber, in a bizarre thick black wig, thinks that sex with this woman is fair compensation. Quick fucking by both men and feeble cumshots.

Natasha has enough about her to claim a spot, as does bubbly Sarah, but Wendy fails on all counts. Mercifully it's not possible to buy this title in the UK, but it can be found in the inventory of US dealers.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2009

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