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Released: 2009
Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats / Television X
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Running time: 177 mins.

Tucked away in a secluded suburb is a lingerie emporium that offers its clients a little extra. Director Kojo Black brings to life the tale of this special shop, as a series of girls get more than they expect in The Anal Boutique.

Wandering across the park, Avalon makes up her mind that she is going to spice up her life with some sexy underwear. Entering the boutique, Avalon is surprised to see a man behind the counter. Steve Hooper soon puts her at ease, displaying a wealth of knowledge about the lingerie he sells. Selecting a black basque, Avalon pops into the changing room and slips off her dress. Looking in the mirror, she looks so sexy in her new outfit. Her inhibitions gone, she wanders round the shop to show Steve. Avalon brushes herself against him as he stands. Steve reaches round her body to fondle her breasts. Avalon raises no objections as he undoes her basque and peels down her panties. Sitting, his fingers enter her pussy. Avalon has an urge to take his cock between her lips. Her tongue darts over the head and down to his balls. Playing his prick over her pussy, Steve thrusts in. Avalon smiles and moans. Turned onto all fours, Steve fucks her doggy, then lowers Avalon onto his dick to let her ride cowgirl and reverse. Dripping a dollop of lube on her arse, Steve jams his length in Avalon's bum. The two fall to the floor for more anal action. Avalon can't stop herself. She wants more. Her body stiffens and arches with Steve's cock in her arse. Steve shoots his load over her gaping hole. Avalon massages in his cream.

Impressed with the service she's received, Avalon offers to go into partnership with Steve.

Carrie (as Caz) is their first customer. Avalon quickly gets her out of her tracksuit and into something a lot hotter; black stockings, a suspender belt and high heel shoes. A black and pink lace corset and the transformation is complete. Carrie feels strangely at ease as she prances round the shop in front of Avalon and Steve. Told that the sign of good lingerie is how easily it comes off, she is keen to prove it. With Carrie's corset on the floor, the three head to the changing room where a bed awaits. Stripped to her stockings and panties, Avalon joins Carrie and Steve on the bed. The girls suck at his cheb. Getting Carrie to nibble at her nipples, Avalon lies back to be fucked missionary. Rolling over, she tugs and teases customer Carrie's clit while Steve takes her from behind. It's time for Carrie to try Steve's shaft. He eases his knob between her legs. A little spoons for Avalon, then Carrie is lowered onto his length. Holding a vibe against Avalon's pussy, Steve works his cock into her arse. A little lube on Carrie's arse and Avalon eases in a turquoise plug. Pulling it out, Steve replaces it with his dick. Watching herself in the mirror, Avalon slips Steve's shaft up her arse and gyrates. The girls fall back on the bed. Steve jets his jizz over Carrie's boobs. Avalon laps at his cum.

Wearing a summer dress, Valery strolls along the riverside towards the boutique. Her friend has recommended it as a place where special things happen. Assistant Dave watches as her fingers walk along the rails of underwear. She stops at an indigo silk basque. Valery heads for the changing room. Undoing her dress, it drops from her shoulders. Valery's white knickers follow it to the floor. Shoes off, she sits. Slowly, her new black stockings are rolled up her legs and silk panties in place. Calling for Dave, Valery needs help lacing up her basque. A pair of matching satin sandals and the outfit is complete. Lifiting a camera from her bag, Valery asks Dave to take her picture. Dave asks if there's anything else she requires. She tells him to lick her pussy. Peeling down her knickers, Dave's tongue flicks over Valery's shaven snatch. Probing her pussy with her fingers, she falls back trembling. With Dave's shirt and pants off, the pair 69. Valery lets her boobs fall from her basque as she slides down on Dave's dick and gyrates. Back in the shop, Valery bends and gently rocks back on Dave's cock. Opening the curtains, she stares out of the window as she's fucked. The pair return to the changing room bed. Pressing a vibrator against her pussy, Valery eases Dave into her arse. Taking control, Valery mounts Dave's shaft and hammers down reverse cowgirl. Falling forward, the anal session ends with some doggy action and Dave shooting his load over Valery's back.

Avalon is flicking through a catalogue when Katie arrives at the boutique. She's aware of its reputation, but doesn't know if it can help her. Choosing some sexy lingerie, Avalon takes Katie into the changing room. Transformed by stockings and a basque, Katie nervously wanders round the shop. It makes her feel sexy, but Katie isn't sure she's ready for a man. Kissing her, Avalon will see what she can do. Tugging down her black lace knickers, Avalon laps and fingers Katie's fanny. Out of her grey suit, Avalon presses her boobs against the young Katie. Moistening the tip of a vibrator, it's screwed between her legs. Katie throws her head back as her clit is rubbed and teased. Shifting round on the bed, the girls 69. Katie uses a vibe on the more mature Avalon and laps at her pussy. Avalon has a surprise and dons her strap-on. Down on all fours, Katie takes it doggy style. Turned over, there's some vigorous banging as Katie is fucked missionary. A big pink butt-plug is squeezed into Katie's arse. Her pussy is filled with Avalon's plastic. Her arse hole stretched, Katie is ready to be taken, spoons. Discarding her strap-on, the session ends with some mutual masturbation from the two until they both climax. It seems the boutique does have something to offer Katie.

Lying in bed, Paige receives a call from her friend telling her about the boutique. Dressed, she heads off to investigate. It's not what she expects, but with Clark and Steve in the shop she is willing to try their suggested attire of a cerise teddy and matching shoes. She returns from the changing room and the boys compliment her appearance. However, this is not the hot action her friend promised. Steve suggests she goes back into the changing room and tries the bed to see how it feels. The boys follow Paige behind the curtain. Clark and Steve start to feel the heat. Ties and shirts are removed. Kneeling between the pair, Paige pulls their pricks from their pants and starts to suck. Spluttering, she takes each shaft deep down her throat. Climbing onto the bed, her knickers slip down. With a mouthful of Steve, Paige guides Clark into her pussy. Steve sits on the bed and Paige slams down on his dick. The banging frees her boobs from her top. Falling onto her side, the shagging continues spoons. Paige moves her pussy to Clark's length. Her head hanging over the edge of the bed, the boys fuck her tonsils. Paige wants more. Their pricks in her arse, she takes Steve spoons, then rides Clark reverse. Her arse full of cock, Paige's pussy looks inviting. Steve thrusts in his length. Turning, she wants to try the two the other way round. Firing their loads over Paige's boobs, she licks and laps at their cream. Her friend was right about the Anal Boutique.

With a decently narrated story and sizzling hot action, the almost three hours of The Anal Boutique just fly by. Avalon puts in one of her best performances to date and shows she's equally at ease with both guys and girls. The supporting cast of Carrie, Katie, Paige and Valery all add to this well made picture from Kojo Black. The Anal Boutique is one to add to your collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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