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Released: 2010
Director: Max Cool
Notes: Bluebird Films
Alternate Titles
  • Anna's Reifepr├╝fung Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 132 mins.

Anna Lovato is one of a host of new girls who appears in this Glambird series film from Bluebird. In charge of an elite all girls school, it's Anna's task to keep the staff, pupils and parents in check over five scenes.

Calling Gemma Hiles and her step mum Michelle Thorne into her office, Anna is unhappy about her pupil's adherence to the school uniform. Michelle can't see anything wrong with Gemma's tight white blouse and short plaid skirt, so Anna goes through each item of clothing which doesn't meet the required standards in turn. Discarding Gemma's top and skirt, Anna examines her bra and knickers. Neither are regulation issue and they have to go. In her shoes and white stockings, Gemma is sent out to get properly dressed. Anna turns her attention to Michelle. She is a number of months late with the school fees. Not having any money on her, Michelle asks if she can pay in kind. Lifting Anna's skirt, Michelle pulls her panties aside and starts to lick. Fingers are eased between Anna's pussy lips and her black blouse is undone so they can also get at her boobs. This payment is highly unusual, but Anna wants more. Michelle spreads her legs to reveal her crotch-less tights. Anna bends forward to lick, then buries her face. Two toys appear from the teacher's desk and the pair work them into each other. Climaxing, the fees are paid in full.

In her pinstriped jacket and black pencil skirt, Milana (as Roxanna) stands in front of a class of five girls, ready to teach them Russian. Tommie Jo, Natasha Louissa, Emma Kate and Kate Hunter each stand in turn to introduce themselves. Cindy Behr is a bit more reluctant. Bent over Roxanna's knee, her bum is spanked with the cane. With the rest of the class watching closely, Roxanna decides to give Cindy some special 'Russian' attention and slips a vibe past her knickers. Spreading her legs, Roxanna wants to see what Cindy has learnt. She licks her way up Roxanna's stocking towards her pink panties. Opening the teacher's jacket, Cindy bites at Roxanna's boobs and fills her neatly trimmed muff with a spotty toy. It's obvious she has been paying attention. Turning her teacher round, Cindy rubs and pokes at Roxanna's arse. Clambering across the desk, the teacher orgasms then brings her star pupil to climax. Cindy is sent to remove the knickers of her classmates as a reminder of how to behave.

With Jenny and Sophia both in the sick bay, school nurse Linsey is going to be in for a busy day. Thinking they may be swinging the lead, Linsey calls for Headmistress Anna to pop round. Anna knows how to make the girls feel better. Unzipping nurse Linsey's uniform, she starts to suck at her tits. Ordering the pair off the couch, Anna and Linsey take their place to lap and tongue each other's pussies. The girls seem uncomfortable as the head and nurse lick and suck. Anna pulls out a vibrator and slips it between Linsey's legs. The two stroke and caress each other as, in front of them, Anna takes the toy in her pussy. The pair are being given a lesson in lesbian love before being sent on their way.

As part of an exchange project, Crystal is joined in her class by pupils from across Europe. Julia Crown has come from Slovakia whilst Aletta Ocean has travelled from Hungary and Amanda Black from Romania. The teacher leaves, telling the girls to get to know each other a bit more. Aletta and Amanda go a little further than she probably expected, extending the hand, tongue and toys of friendship while Crystal and Julia take notes.

Anna has been called to give the top class in the school a lesson on sex education. Gemma Massey and Lee-Anne are eager pupils, while Michelle Thorne and Natasha Marley know it all already. After checking that the girls are suitably dressed, the head is told Natasha has been playing with a vibrator in the toilets. Anna gets her up in front of the class to demonstrate. Bent over a desk, the toy is eased into Natasha's tight pussy. Anna and Michelle move closer and start to lick. Climbing onto the desk, the head opens her legs and asks the girls to sample her pussy. Gemma and Lee-Anne shy away, but Michelle and Natasha take up the offer. The girls are teasing their teacher with a toy when school boy Stefan Hard walks in. Michelle makes a lunge for his pants. Why make do with plastic when there's a real live prick about. The pair 69 on the desk while Natasha is happy hammering away at the head with her vibrator and lapping at her clit. The girls gather round as Stefan bangs away at Michelle's pussy, then shoots his load in her mouth. Enough of sex education, it's time to go home.

With a cast of nineteen girls in a 2 hour film, a lot of the newer starlets do little more than act as window dressing. Anna, however, is impressive in her first lead role and demonstrates a real enthusiasm for girl/girl action in her scenes. Fewer girls and a more structured dialogue would have improved the film, but overall Anna Lovato's Yes Miss is an entertaining view.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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