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Released: 2011
Director: Max Cool
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Running time: 183 mins.

Using the pretext of Paige being on the hunt for a husband, American Bride contains six boy/girl scenes, all shot on her recent visit to the States.

Sitting at a breakfast bar, Paige browses various dating sites on her laptop as she sips a glass of white wine. One catches her eye and she determines to become an American Bride.

Out for a drink with Cindy, she tells her friend of her plan. Before she leaves, Cindy wants to give Paige something to remember. Peeling down Paige's dress, Cindy sucks on her nipples. Then, stripping to her stockings and suspenders, she bends over to have her pussy and arse licked. Pulling at Paige's pink panties, Cindy tongues at her friend's clit. Lying back in a booth with her legs high in the air, Cindy invites Paige to tease her with a vibrator. The toy slips in and out of her damp slot. Handing Cindy her own slim vibe, Paige leans over the table to be played with from behind. Facing each other, the two masturbate with their toys. Pawing at their pussies, the girls climax. Paige is ready for her trip.

After a little sightseeing in and around Los Angeles, Paige is set for her first date with Dane Cross. No introductions or scene setting though, as the action has already started when the camera rolls. Paige is on her knees with Dane deep down her throat and her boobs out of her dress. Standing, Paige completes her strip and falls back on the bed with Dane. He prods and pokes at her pussy till she's dripping wet. The sex is very mundane. Cowgirl, doggy and spoons, ending with Paige on her back and her stomach covered in spunk.

Her next date with TC Cummings is a little more romantic. The two kiss and caress on the sofa before Paige gathers her little black number round her waist and begins to suck cock. A session of 69ing is followed by missionary on the sofa, before moving to the floor where Paige mounts TC's dick. Climbing back on to the sofa, the session ends with shagging spoons followed by more of Paige on her back, before her boobs get coated in cum.

Is Tallon a prospective husband for Paige? He certainly knows how to find his way into her knickers. His head between her thighs, he laps at her love cleft. Then, removing her fawn dress, he bangs away at her pussy and goes through his repertoire of positions. Paige ends up with his jizz on her face.

Paige turns up for her date with Jerry looking ready for a fancy dress party, dressed as she is in a fur trimmed skirt, sparkling black top and zebra print lingerie with matching elbow length gloves. Prick out, Paige swallows Jerry's length. Bra and knickers off, the two 69. Legs interlocked, the pair fuck. Jerry flops back, pulling Paige up into cowgirl. A finger in her arse and Paige is ready for anal action. Easing Jerry's cock up her bum, Paige rides away. The two fall on their sides and continue spoons. Her gloved hand tugs at her clit as she's banged. Down on all fours, Paige's arse gets a pounding. She spins to catch Jerry's load in her mouth.

Somewhat out of context with her hunt for a husband, Paige is next to be found in a brightly coloured bedroom, dressed as a teen and with Sasha hiding under her bed. Kneeling on a vivid pink rug, she stuffs her cheeks with cheb. White shorts off, she moves back to the bed for sex. The action follows the same pattern as in previous scenes with Paige being fingered and fucked before taking Sasha's cum in her pussy.

Obviously forgetting she has already met Dane, Paige meets him again! Sitting on his bed, she makes notes. He approaches, his cock at the ready. Deep throating Dean, Paige splutters and coughs. Top and shorts off, she lets him lick at her boobs before slipping the spit-covered shaft into her pussy. For the rest of the scene Paige rotates through doggy, spoons and cowgirl before dropping back on to all fours. Dane eventually fires his load over Paige's back.

With production standards which are at best adequate and scenes that are out of keeping with the storyline, American Bride does not show Paige at her best. The action in the scenes is far too samey, with little variation in either the positions or pace. With a running time of over three hours, after Paige's girl/girl escapade with Cindy things do start to get a little monotonous. American Bride is a miss for me.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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