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Released: 2011
Director: Chris Rolie
Notes: Jules Jordan
Alternate Titles
  • Chris Rolie's All Internal 15
  • Only Internal 11 Cruel Media
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 192 mins.

With scenes shot in Hungary and the US, this Euro-American production features girls from both sides of the Atlantic. British model Paige stars alongside Chloe Bright, Jennifer Dark, Celia Vaga, Madelyn Marie and Chyanne Jacobs, as girls who like it rough and internal.

Stopped by Hungarian Customs officials, Paige is taken to a villa for further investigation. Covered by a sheet, she lies on a table while Doctors Lauro and Mugur examine her. With nothing to be found in Paige's pussy, the two probe her arse. A set of love balls is pulled out. Off the table, Paige stands wearing leopard print lingerie and a feather boa, while squeezing her boobs together. Her hand moves down her body and she pops the balls back into her bum. Crouching, Paige ferrets beneath the boys' hospital greens. Grabbing their cocks, she crams them into her mouth. Spit drips from her chin. Carried outside, Lauro and Mugur tease Paige's pussy and arse, then indulge in a long session of bum banging as she sucks on their dicks. Her arse full of cheb, Paige's pussy is also filled. The three move to the pool where, down on all fours, the hammering continues. Spreading Paige wide, the pair shoot their spunk into her gaping hole. She is tossed into the pool.

While the European shot scenes are hot and hard, those from America are a little more physical, with face pulling and slapping. Something which I find a turn off. The film also has production problems with the cameras being slow to react to the changing light as the girls move from inside to out. If you like your action rough then All Internal 15 may fit the bill. For many though, it may be too hard hitting.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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