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Released: 2011
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Smash Pictures
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Running time: 134 mins.

Parody porn turns its spotlight on John Landis' classic 1981 horror movie An American Werewolf in London, closely mirroring the original in both plot and dialogue. It starts with Dane & Richie Cross as two American hikers lost on the moors. With the mist swirling, they stumble into the Slaughtered Lamb pub where barmaid Jessie Andrews is only too happy to accommodate an American cock.

Caught by Jessie's father, the boys are turffed out into the night where they are attacked by a beast. The next thing Richie knows he wakes up in hospital with a raging boner and his friend Dane is dead.

Nurse Lexi soothes Richie as he has a nightmare about Bratt Rossi and Riley Jansen - two machine gunning lesbians who turn up and slay his family. After having a vision of Dane, Lexi and Dr Ben English decide Richie should stay at her flat.

Showering, Richie soaps Lexi's body. His hands explore her breasts and pussy. Dried off, the two make for the bedroom. With her legs spread Richie laps at Lexi's pussy. Having got her nice and wet, he slips in his prick. Turning, Lexi licks at his length and lowers herself onto his face. The pair 69. A little cowgirl and Lexi flops forward to be fucked doggy-style. The two tumble over and Richie cums on her pussy.

It's the first full moon since the attack and Richie starts to change. On the other side of London Valerie Fox and her boyfriend Tony decide to have a 'quickie' before going out for the night. Lying back on the bed in a cerise pink bra, Valerie moans as Tony's tongue dances across her clit. He moves up her body and fills her pussy. Valerie's long blonde hair falls over her face as she rides Tony's length. Dropping onto all fours, he bangs in from behind. As Tony jets his jezz over Valerie there's a noise. Quickly getting dressed, the two go outside to investigate.

Arriving home after her shift, Lexi can't find Richie in the flat. She tries to contact Dr English. Ben is preoccupied by Sophie's breasts. She tugs at his todger as the phone goes off. Trapping Ben's cheb in her cleavage, Sophie gives it a good working. Knickers off, Sophie kneels on the bed. Ben eases himself into her pussy. Nurses uniform discarded, Sophie straddles Ben's shaft and slowly sinks down. Climbing off him, she runs his damp dick over her tits. With her leg over Ben's shoulder, the shagging continues. Rushing back to the hospital, Lexi arrives just as Sophie receives a facial.

Richie wakes up in London zoo. He makes his way back to the flat where he's confronted by the decaying spectre of Dane. There's been a series of hideous murders across London and he is responsible. With another full moon due that night Richie meets his victims in a porn theatre so they can decide what to do. Meanwhile, Lexi and Ben rush around London trying to find the missing American. As in the original Richie is shot in front of Lexi and he dies in her arms.

Top marks to the make-up and special effects team at Smash for the transformation scene as Richie turns into a werewolf. Likewise, the gruesome depiction of the decaying Dane. Lexi also deserves a pat on the back for both her acting and her hot action. An American Werewolf on London XXX proves that you can mix sex with horror and come up with a film which isn't cheesy.

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