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Released: 1998 (2003 for DVD)
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Route XX
Notes and Reviews

At the house Pascal has rented in London:

Katy arrives at the station to meet Ben. No sooner is she in Ben's car than he starts to grope her. She responds by giving him a blowjob. Back at Pascal's Katy strips with a little help from Pascal. She performs a double blowjob, and while being groped by Pascal she manages to blow Ben. Bob arrives to join in with Katy demanding his cock. Obeying Katy's wishes to be treated like a slut, Bob and Pascal take her in various positions. Ben suggests anal, Katy obediently kneels down to await Pascal's pleasure, Bob joins in for double penetration (reverse cowgirl). The guys then all take turns in cumming on her face or in her mouth, including late arrival John Mason.

(The Your Choice version has a few extra minutes mid-scene where Katy goes for a pee, pees on Ben's cock and then sucks it.)

At Canada House:

Charlie (Molly) comes to Ben's flat for an audition. Ben persuades her to strip, she nervously complies with a little help from Pascal. As she begins to enjoy herself Charlie gropes Pascal, meanwhile Ben fingers her from the rear. Charlie sucks Pascal and then Ben, Pascal goes down on her until she is wet enough for entry, and then takes her front and rear. Inevitably the guys come all over her face.

Wake Up Call:

Bob is rudely awakened by Ben in an absolute flap, Nick has phoned and is bringing Yvette around for a shoot and nothing is ready. West Indian Yvette arrives and Ben stalls by engaging in small talk until the guys wake up. Ben suggests she change into a blue dress, then as a better idea takes it off. Yvette allows Ben to grope her, and starts to finger herself with Ben sucking her toes and then her pussy. Yvette responds by blowing Ben. Pascal arrives only half awake, to his surprise Yvette goes straight for his cock. Whilst being taken by Pascal, Yvette manipulates Ben's cock with her feet. Both she and Pascal enjoy various positions until he and Ben cum in her mouth.


Ben meets Czech girl Eva at Waterloo. She has seen an advert in a student newsletter and wants an audition. Back at the studio Eva changes into a sexy dress, which Pascal immediately removes. Eva claiming to be horny goes straight for the guys' cocks, and after some mutual groping she sucks them. She is taken in various ways by Pascal and enjoys both frontal and anal if her screams are anything to go by. She enjoys it so much Bob is invited in for a sandwich. This all culminates in a triple mouthful; what's more she swallows all of it.

Charlie again:

Charlie returns under the premise of wanting to be fucked up the arse by Pascal. She strips off and allows Ben to finger her. Pascal arrives and Charlie immediately sucks him. After a little lube and some persuasion Pascal enters her arse. In a very short time he is pumping away happily until coming all over her arse, with Ben contributing a couple of good squirts for good measure.

Review by Terry

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