< Ben Dover Volume 6

Notes and Reviews
  • Nicky blonde with boyfriend, audition, masturbation only
  • Hayley (Wallace), brunette audition in hotel room, masturbates Ben who comes over her breasts. Glenn enters, also for an audition, sex scene follows, including facial
  • Lisa (blonde in this scene - Lisa Thoy), audition, masturbates herself and Ben, fellates him briefly, but no cumshot
  • Andrea (Kalemenova) brunette from Czechoslovakia, but accent indicates she has been in UK for some time, masturbation. Marino enters and sex scene follows to facials (repackaged in English Muffins / The Porn Ultimatum)
  • Nicky from scene 1 and Lisa from scene 3 and Steve. Sex with both girls and both go into bathroom to wet their panties. Lisa also does anal and is pissed on. Both take facials from Ben

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