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Director: Steve Perry
Notes: VCA VHS, Route XX DVD
  • Claudia as Sue, repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 12
  • Josie Wood repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 9
  • Lucy Kent repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 12
  • Marina Curran repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 7; brief appearance as receptionist
  • Michelle Wright repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 12
  • Sian Evans part repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 7; MF scene
Notes and Reviews
  • Ben, Marino and Tim Ferris (Harris?) are at the golf driving range when Michelle Wright and Lucy Kent appear, are chatted up and taken back to Tim's house. Both do anal and DP. Marino cums into Lucy's pussy and it drips out into Michelle's mouth (most misses). Joint facial from Ben. Lucy facial from Tim.
  • Sue (Claudia), initially bespectacled, brunette is picked up on a shopping trip and persuaded back to Ben's hotel room. Oral and facial only.
  • Josie Wood is encountered by Ben and Marino while washing her car, they charm themselves into her house for a beer and sex ensues - facial.
  • Marina Curran is receptionist at studio. Sian Evans and Steve Thorpe sex scene, facial.

A fuller review from Terry:

The driving range

Ben, Tim and Mario, are at a driving range. Lucy and Michelle arrive to collect golf balls for resale. Tim attempts to show the girls the rudiments of golf. Ben suggests a better idea, all going back to Tim's house.

Whilst at the house the girls find some porn mags, and mention that the men in the magazines are better equipped than their boyfriends. Taking the opportunity Ben talks the girls into performing on camera. This results in mutual oral and fucking, in various positions.

Ben suggests anal, both girls look horrified, as they have never done it. A little coaxing follows to find that both Lucy and Michelle enjoy it immensely. The best part of the scene for me is where Mario cums inside Lucy from the rear, Lucy then crouches over Michelle and allows the cum to drip all over her face.

Finally all the guys receive blowjobs, and in the midst of good facials the girls kiss each other so as not to waste any.

Christmas shopping

Amidst throngs of Xmas shoppers Ben spots Sue buying underwear. Posing as a market researcher for an underwear company, Ben introduces himself and asks if she would be prepared to participate and answer some questions. After some preamble, Sue shows Ben the underwear she purchased. Sue decides the new garments make her feel sexy, naturally Ben helps her in this belief. He encourages Sue to touch herself up, and how many fingers can she fit in her pussy. Sue decides she would prefer the real thing, unzips Ben's jeans and starts to suck his cock. The result of this oral stimulation is that Sue receives a face full of cum.


Ben and Mario are driving around lost. They notice Josie cleaning her car. After the usual badinage they get themselves invited in for beers.

Inevitably Ben persuades Josie to remove her clothes; meanwhile Mario is playing tents in his shorts. Josie noticing the size of Mario's cock decides she must have some and starts sucking him off. Ben feeling left out, presents his cock for some attention. Meanwhile Mario fucks Josie from the rear. Josie provides a satisfying blowjob for both guys until they cum all over her face.


Siân has turned up a day early for an amateur photo shoot. Luckily Ben who has no work planned decides to do the photo test there and then.

Steve and Ben peek voyeur fashion through curtains as Siân changes for the shoot. Siân notices the guys and invites them in. Steve starts touching her up; Siân reciprocates by giving him a blowjob. Ben suggests she play with herself and, to his delight, Siân fingers her arse and uses a dildo, all whilst sucking Steve. Steve then fucks her; she finishes him off with a blowjob and ends with cum all round her mouth.

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