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Released: 1998 (2003 for DVD)
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Route XX
Notes and Reviews

Shakina approaches Ben at the erotica show and says she wants to do porno work. She has a scene with Bob Scott. This includes anal, but not the usual facials. Bob and Ben cum over her bum.

Marino appears after a long absence from Ben Dover videos. He has invited Ben round to his new flat and tells him of being recognised and approached by a girl while on a male stripping gig. The girl wants to do a video and will shortly arrive. She is Amy, a brunette, who says she was on her 18th birthday outing when she met Marino. (This age does not square with the one she gives in her Phil McCavity appearance.) The sex scene includes deep throat, anal and facials.

Ben meets Sarah (Carissa Brown aka Karen aka Sally) and Amber [2] (Sharon Knight) at a railway station by arrangement. The story is that they are students who have answered one of his ads. (A softcore version of the first half of this scene was shown on TVX.) After the lesbian scene and oral on Ben, who comes on Amber's shaved pussy for Sarah to lick it off, they are joined by Bob and Pascal. They all eventually come on Sarah's shaved pussy for Amber to lick it off.

Erica (Winstanley), a blonde, is met at the station by arrangement. They return to her parents' house for the sex scene. (the parents are supposed to be away for the day). Facials. The scene is supposedly interrupted by her father ringing up.

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