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Released: 1996
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Route XX
Notes and Reviews
  • Michelle
  • Betty and Elizabeth (Polish girls)
  • French girl, unlisted
  • Nicole (blonde Mancunian, dirty talker Jane (Whitehouse) of Jane's World)

Notes by Terry:

  • Scene one: Ben is in Wimbledon Park Rd waiting for Michelle. Michelle arrives at the station and explains to Ben that having seen one of his videos she would like to feature in one. Ben and Michelle proceed to the car, where Ben is treated to a blow job. The scene cuts to a hotel room, where David is waiting to perform with Michelle. Needless to say Ben joins in the action.
  • Scene two: Mike is looking lost near Southfields station until Ben sees Betty approaching in company with a girlfriend. Betty introduces Elizabeth and admits to having made love to her. At the hotel the boys are treated to an undressing, dressing session, which dissolves into everyone enjoying each other's company. It finally transpires that Betty is very good with her feet.
  • Scene three: French girl, unlisted.
  • Scene four: Ben visits his photographer pal Paul to be greeted by the assistant Bob who is adjusting an umbrella on a modelling lamp. Ben is surprised to find Nichole (Jane Whitehouse) sitting on a bed combing her hair. Nichole explains it had long been an ambition to work for Ben. Paul decides to leave, however, Ben persuades Bob to stay on to enjoy the charms of Nichole. Nichole it transpires is more than enough for the pair of them.

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