< Ben Dover's Hot Spice Girls DVD available

Released: 1998
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Route XX
  • Maxine Cummings repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 27; as Sasha, pub stripper
  • Sam repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 27
  • Vivienne Perello as Viv, repackaged from Ben Dover Volume 29
Notes and Reviews
  • Sam, a blonde from Manchester, takes on three men. "I love the taste of spoonk." (repackaged 27)
  • Sasha, a stripper in pub who sucks off men in audience and has sex with Marino upstairs. Half-caste with blonde wig. (repackaged from BD 27)
  • Monique Couvet teases Ben in hotel lounge and lift, sex with Pascal in hotel room. (repackaged 27)
  • Kirstyn Halborg introduces Viv(ienne Perello), slim brunette, slightly West Indian looks. Sex with Pascal. (repackaged from Volume 29)

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