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Released: 1998
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews

Near Stonehenge:

Housewife Cherie is met at Stonehenge. They all go back to Cherie's house, where she disappears to change, re-emerging in a see-through blouse and mini skirt. Allowing herself to be groped, she strips erotically describing what she wants to do. Bob fingers and then fucks her shaven pussy. Whilst finger fucking herself she gives oral to the guys who oblige by cumming all over her face. She also squirts.

The Pub:

Alberto and Ben meet Toni (Chilton) at a pub. Toni claims that the men at her college couldn't shag to save their lives, and wants a real man. They retire to Beverly's flat. While Alberto strips for action Toni changes into a summer top and mini skirt. Ben helps her out of her clothes as she sucks Alberto's cock. Toni obligingly sucks Ben off with Alberto fucking her from the rear. After various positions including anal and screaming in delight, she finally wanks Alberto off and takes cum all over her face.

The Flat:

Kathy, Bob's cleaning lady, doesn't have a boyfriend. After Ben's usual chat, she is persuaded to reveal her body to the camera. With a little finger and oral stimulation she gives Ben and Bob a double blowjob. Since her mother, also a cleaner, is due to meet her, she hasn't time for more, but she gets good facefuls and promises to return.

Railway Station:

Ben meets Hannah at the station. She has come for an audition as a lap dancer. From the outset she talks dirty to Ben. While driving back to the hotel Ben gropes Hannah, she responds with a blowjob. Back at the hotel with no preamble at all Bob, Alberto and Hannah get straight into action. Leaving the guys wanking, Hannah changes into her zebra lap dance outfit, so as to strip and tease everyone. Hannah then manages a triple blowjob, and then on the bed she is fucked in various ways and sucks the three of them to culminate in lots of facial cum.

Beverly's Flat:

Johnny, Bob and Ben go to Bev's flat. Like her friend Toni, Bev bemoans the fact that there are no real men at college, and she can't get a decent shag. Ben persuades Bev to strip and to reveal a shaven pussy. Bob dives in to start licking her; Johnny presents his cock for some oral action. Beverly demands three cocks in her mouth at once; she enjoys all sorts of positions, including DP, which finishes in cum all over her arse.

Review by Terry

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