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Released: 1992 (2005 for DVD)
Director: Bobby Hollander
Notes: LBO
Alternate Titles
  • Bobby Hollander's Original Bubble Butts 7
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 85 mins.

Sarah-Jane Hamilton was one of the first wave of British actresses to go to the States, in the early 1990's. Bubble Butts dates from then and was designed to 'showcase' new talent. It sees Sarah-Jane starring alongside Nikki Sun in a scene.

Nikki sits on a gaudy brightly coloured chair stroking her pussy through her black panties, when Sarah-Jane arrives. It's Nikki's boyfriend's birthday and she'd love to put on a girl-on-girl show for him. The two settle down on the sofa and caress each other before removing their dresses. Licking and biting each other's nipples, their hands explore between each other's legs. Nikki slides down the sofa and starts to suck at Sarah-Jane's pussy. The two fall back to 69. Finding a vibrator, the girls start to play when basketball playing boyfriend Ted arrives. His hair is even longer and more permed then the girls!!! He sits for a while with his cock out, watching. Nikki moves over to fill her face, leaving Sarah-Jane masturbating. With Ted's cock in Nikki's pussy, Sarah-Jane uses her toy on Nikki's arse. She screams out. Dropping onto all fours, Nikki replaces the plastic in her bum with prick. Sarah-Jane pulls at her pussy till she squirts. Ted cums in Nikki's mouth.

This is not one of Sarah-Jane (or Nikki's) best works. Sarah-Jane looked a little uncertain during the lesbian encounter and only came into her own when she had a toy in her hand. As for the rest of the film... grainy picture quality and a pile of easily forgettable girls doing dyslexic disco dancing to an added soundtrack, just about sums it up.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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