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Released: 1996 (2003 for DVD)
Director: Buffy Malibu
Notes: Anabolic
Alternate Titles
  • Nasty Girls 11
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 119 mins.

Although there are a few familiar faces in the all girl film Nasty Girls 11, most of the performers in the movie are now almost forgotten. Brit Yvonne appears with 'new' American girl Ruby, while Roxanne Hall and Sabrina Johnson share a scene with Canadian model Janai.

Caressing Ruby's tanned body, a naked Yvonne chats about films and the experiences she's had. Ruby's time in the movies is a little more limited with only a couple of titles to her credit. As they talk, Yvonne's fingers find their way to Ruby's fanny and she starts to probe. Legs spread, the girls 69 and their tongues taste each other. Swinging round on the bed, they grind their pussies together. Buckling up a strap-on, Ruby holds the plastic prick for Yvonne to ride. Pushed onto her back, Yvonne is taken missionary by the false phallus. Ruby leans forward and their boobs brush with each of her thrusts. Turning onto all fours, Yvonne is brought to climax with the toy. Strap-on discarded, she brings Ruby to orgasm with her fingers.

A young looking Roxanne sits sandwiched between Janai and Sabrina on a 'deck chair' striped sofa. From behind the camera, Buffy asks the three to introduce themselves and strip. The three girls kiss. Janai moves down Sabrina's body and munches at her luxuriant hairy muff. Roxanne joins in, slipping in a finger or two. She lies back to let Sabrina tease her clit. Janai sits on the young Brit's face. Down on all fours, Sabrina's snatch is smothered in lube and a long pink dildo is pushed in. She moves it into her arse. An upended Roxanne gets a vibe worked into her bum. She tugs and rubs herself as she's toyed. Janai spreads her legs. Roxanne's tongue tackles her love slot as she also slips a toy up her arse. Beside her, Sabrina stuffs a pink plastic prick into her pussy. The three finger and taste each other, then kiss.

Whilst the girl-on-girl action in the film is hot and sexy, the overall appearance of the movie is a little dated. Buffy's pre-session interviews from behind the camera are also a little unimaginative and predictable. Nasty Girls 11 is of particular interest for those who want to see Roxanne's early work in the States, or Sabrina's steamy girl/girl action. Just don't expect too much from the rest of the movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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