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Released: 1996
Director: Buffy Malibu
Notes: Anabolic
Alternate Titles
  • Nasty Girls 12
Notes and Reviews

Initially purchased just for the Amberley/Maybanks scenes, I was pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of the action and dialogue. A nice change from the usual badly-faked or overly-butch les films available.

  • Alison Amberley/Farah (FC Terri A33/Candy A115). Worth getting the video for this scene alone: if they're faking, they deserve Oscars. AA would go far if she did b/g work: looks great in basque and stockings. Realistic kissing and fondling (rare in this genre, weirdly enough), dildoing, climaxing with an anal dildo for AA. The only hard-ish outing for "Farah" that I've come across.
  • Tiffany Walker/Zoe Grant. Usual semi-comatose performance from TW, nice close-ups of her pussy, anal fingerfuck from TW for ZG. This scene improves with a second viewing: I'll just have to get used to TW's laid-back approach (if you see what I mean).
  • Linda [6]/Hayley Russell. Both girls look very nice, cute underwear, 69 with mutual dildoing, Linda takes an anal dildo. Ends with double dildo (?double vaginal) penetration for Hayley.
  • Nicky Maybanks (as Nikki Pigg)/Georgette Neale. Nicky, attractively shy and nervous, looks good with her bald pussy being licked and dildoed. GN, behaving less aggressively than usual (that's a compliment), takes an anal dildo. Another scene which is the better for a second look.
  • Sabrina Johnson/Zoe Grant/Sarah Daniels. SJ and ZG take anal dildos with their wonted gusto; SD regrettably takes little part in the action. The weakest scene of the lot.

Reviewed by jj

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