< Buttman's Wet Dream

Released: 1994
Director: John Stagliano
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 158 mins.

The film is a collection of rambling scenes shot at various locations around the world featuring stars of the early 90s such as Krysti Lynn, Anna Malle and Heather St. Clair. The British interest is in a long scene shot in London with a young Roxanne Hall, Janey Lamb and Joey Silvera providing the man meat.

The scene starts in a dark hotel room where Roxanne is wearing a leather jacket and leather lace up shorts and Janey is in an all-in-one PVC suit. Roxanne slowly strips as Janey spanks the hell out of Joey's backside. Joey is then allowed to lick Roxanne's pussy whilst Janey wanks his cock. Roxanne refuses to slap helpless Joey so Janey locks her in a cupboard whilst she strips. When the cupboard door is open Roxanne is sitting playing with her pussy. In a strange break in continuity both girls are fully dressed, with their heads behind a curtain and their bums in the room. As they talk about the view from the window Joey removes their knickers and sucks and fucks their pussies. The action then moves into a brilliantly-lit room where both girls slowly strip and walk around Joey so Buttman can view their arses. They then take turns to suck, ride and be ridden by Joey. The scene ends with spunk being splashed over Roxanne's bum and Janey's face.

Most of the film is shot with Buttman's trademark wobbly camera work, but for those fans of British performances the scene with Roxanne and Janey also suffers from very bad lighting. The first section is shot almost in the dark and at times it looks like black and white shadows. Then the action moves into the strong sunlight with shadows and the camera cannot cope with the contrasts, giving a bleached effect. The only reason you may want to buy this is to see Roxanne and Janey together.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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