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Released: 1999
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews
  • Black girl Jamila is fetched from the station. Three blokes recognise Ben and salaam to him. Back to his new office, in the process of being fitted out for sex scene with Pascal and Bob, including anal in doggy, spoon and reverse cowgirl positions. Facials from all three. She has a white birthmark on her bum - inner lower part of right buttock on which she has had a tattoo done.
  • Sasha, petite brunette. Supposedly Ben, Pascal and Bob arrive on the wrong day and she is decorating. However she dresses up in white slip and panties and does her hair in pigtails for a photoshoot which turns into a sex scene. No anal, partial facials.
  • Zohra from Hungary, large buxom brunette with Pascal, Bob and Alan.
  • Sam [3] and brunette Maya (larger, firmer, possibly enhanced breasts, clit ring) with Pascal and bob. Anals for both and facials and cumswapping.

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