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Released: 1988
Director: John T. Bone
Notes: Vidco, Caballero DVD, also stars Tracy Adams, Misty Regan and Biggi Mondi
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Director John T. Bone, written by Hugh Jardin.

  • Tracy Adams as the Baroness
  • Tom Byron as Conrad
  • Misty Regan as Swifty
  • Dick Delong as Baron
  • Maria Dominique as Gretel
  • Nigel Worthington as Ken
  • Sarah Williams as Barbie
  • Rally Essen (Rally van Kamp) as Franz
  • Molly O'Brian as Georjia
  • Karen Winter as Paula
  • Georgina Day as Jonni

A female pop group called The Cunts (Misty Regan, Molly O'Brien, Karen Winter and Georgina Day) has been booked to perform for a German baroness (Tracy Adams). They get lost on their way to the castle and stop to have an argument about their name. Their car breaks down and the other three pounce on Misty, their leader who has chosen the name, to take it out on her in a four-way lesbian scene. They are rescued by the Baroness in her Rolls and Rally Essen remains behind for a sex scene with Molly in the back of the car (facial) while the others are conducted into the castle.

Sarah Williams and Nigel Worthington are hikers who also get lost and taken in to the castle. They are freshening up together in the bathroom when Maria Dominique brings them milk and a threesome ensues partly under the shower. Tom Byron and Johnny Dragon seem to be American spies or similar. They also enter the castle - Georgina Day has a sex scene with Tom Byron and Karen Winter has one with his friend, both to facial. All are then brought down to the dungeon to perform for the Baroness, but the two Americans who have been drugged, recover and they both have sex with her.

The sex in this is a bit stronger than in American Nympho in London, but both are equally ridiculous and neither are very erotic.

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