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Released: 2001
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews
  • Pascal and Phillippe arrive from Belgium. Pascal's car has broken down and he has been driven by Gwen - more of her later. They go off to the hotel where Claire Kiernan is staying on a visit from Scotland. Claire is a very buxom brunette with an untrimmed pussy - or at least her lawn seems to have been mowed but has had no attention from the edging shears. She has met Ben at the Edinburgh TV Festival and, since she is doing some sort of Media Studies, has asked to attend one of his shoots. He has persuaded her that she might like to take part. For someone who is seemingly shy and a bit doubtful at first she takes very little time to get into it, though there is lots of foreplay from Pascal and Phillippe. After she grabs Pascal's cock and gives him a blowjob it isn't long before she has all three cocks in her mouth. Then she takes on the two studs at the same time. She agrees to try anal, fingers first then doggy from Pascal, reverse cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DP with apparent ease. The facials are spectacular as she first takes Ben's cum into her mouth and dribbles it onto her ample breasts then performs the same trick with the other two making a sticky mess of her torso.
  • The girl Ben has booked has not turned up because she can't get to the station as a result of the petrol crisis - if true this gives a good indication of when this was filmed. Gwen, a slim blonde Belgian, is persuaded to take her place with Pascal. Anal, facials.
  • In Belgium, Ben, Pascal and Phillippe go to the hairdressing salon where Janca works as she said in her previous appearance that she wanted to do anal. They also meet Joy there. Both are heavily tattooed brunettes. Both take anal and facials.
  • "Emma" arrives at Ben's office. He has met her at a fashion shoot and persuaded her that she might like to try porn or at least to see what it was like. He persuades her to strip and masturbate and she is giving him a blow job when Pascal and Mike return from the shops and tap on the window. It doesn't take long to persuade her to take them both on. She makes her anal debut and does reverse cowgirl anal and then takes their facials, with that from Mike being a bit of a spray
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Given the aims of this site I paid more attention to the first and last scenes which were extremely stimulating, but that is no criticism of the other two scenes. Ben Dover has said that he regards this video and This End Up as his best work for some time and one can see why.

And an alternative (though not that alternative) view from Pasta:

  • Claire Kiernan - a curvaceous Scots lass with superb natural boobs and a very hairy pussy overcomes her apparent nerves to turn in a hot scene with Pascal and Phillipe. Oral, loads of vaginal sex (lots of orgasmic noise) and first-time anal and DP. Three comeshots right in her mouth - she nearly chokes but giggles it away!
  • Gwen - a slim, pretty Belgian girl who is persuaded into replacing an absent model. This reluctant star does some posing and teasing (great tight little bottom), before doing oral, multi-position vaginal sex, and doggy style anal. Facials.
  • Janca and Joy - two heavily tattooed Belgian hairdressers get into another "first time" anal scenario. A spicy scene with oral, hard vaginal sex and lots of orgasmic noise, and then some "difficult" anal for Janca - Joy finds it easier, but it's all good. Facials and cum swapping to finish.
  • Emma - a slim brunette fashion model, English, who Ben talks into stripping off, posing and masturbating in an agonisingly long build up. She's sucking him off when Pascal and Mike turn up and she takes them on. Oral, great sex and yet another first time anal (do you believe it?) and a massive messy facial climax.

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