< Ben Dover's This End Up R18 DVD available

Released: 2001
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews
  • Linda [2] (Italian mother, she says - elsewhere she says she's originally Czech, lives in England) met Ben at the Erotica Show and expressed an interest in trying out the business. Ben meets her at the station and drives her back to the house he is using for the shoot and she gropes him while he is driving along. Pascal and Phillippe meet them at the door and are so taken with her they try to lock Ben out. She takes them both on plus Ben and a vibrator. There is a long preparation for her anal debut. Starting with a finger they progress to a small dildo and then she goes on to a cock/dildo DP before taking Pascal up her backside in the missionary position. Then she does anal doggy style with both men in succession and an A2M. The scene ends with facials of course.
  • Steffi in Belgium recognises Pascal in the street and they go back to the hotel. She takes on Pascal and then Andy arrives but she is fucked only by Pascal. Facials.
  • Melissa (Walker) and Michelle (Elizabeth Pearly) are trying out costumes for Ben's Christmas show. The costumes are large-mesh fishnet body stockings open at the crotch and they look fantastic in them. Ben gets them to pose on the stairs and there is then a bit of lesbian action before they extract Ben's cock from his trousers and set to work on it. Pascal and the other stud are playing pool in another room and the girls now lead Ben there, dragging him along by his erection. In an energetic and very horny sex scene the new costumes are torn apart to allow easier access as the girls lie on the pool table. As the action moves to a couch, both girls do anal, Melissa in the spoon position and Michelle doggy and reverse cowgirl. Both girls do A2M and Michelle does a cowgirl DP. They share the facials and swap cum and, yes, Ben does hit Michelle in the eye.
  • Back in Belgium (Gent to be precise) Angie takes on Pascal and Phillippe for anal, DP and facials.

Five stars!

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