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Notes and Reviews

American release of John Mason's Shagher and Co. scenes.

All feature John Mason being videotaped visiting girls for a photoshoot. The photoshoot always leads to sex.

  • Kelly Aris, anal, cums over body.
  • Cybill Craven, cums over body.
  • Ann and Louise McCormick - shaving, anal, A2M, facial for Ann.

jj's account:

A low-budget effort, with a "plot" based on a photographer who ends up having sex with his models. Poor camera-work with inadequate lighting and an annoying lack of close-ups. If they can afford to hire these girls why can't you go the extra mile in terms of costume/sets/plotting?

  • Kelly Aris (tattooing her body was a bit like writing graffiti on the Mona Lisa), plausible lead-in, fuck and brief anal with close-up. She's cute and personable enough to make this scene the only OK one of the lot.
  • Cybill Craven, not exactly my cup of tea: straight sex. A pity she didn't settle for one boob size less and got those teeth straightened. A scene with absolutely no charisma whatsoever.
  • Ann and Louise McCormick: the twins are shaved, fucked and at least one of them does anal (frankly, I couldn't be bothered to sort this out). Better than the second scene, with the cameraman remembering to close-up occasionally, but still suffers from monotonous, over-long shots. If you want these twins on tape, get the Dover session.

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