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Released: 1995
Notes: Raw, compilation
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Running time: 71 mins.

Sitting in an ice cream parlour, Missy introduces a series of seven short and slightly grainy scenes shot in the early to mid 90's. Inter-cut with the action from Bobby Vital, Millisa Hall, Nici Sterling and Sarah Jane Hamilton, we see Missy slowly undress and play with herself.

The third girl is a young looking Nici Stirling. Sitting on a bed, dressed in dark red, her lips are wrapped round the cock of Mr Marcus. Her skirt and panties off, Nici drops back to have her pussy licked as a prelude to taking Mr Marcus's prick. Climbing onto the erect shaft, Nici leans forward. Her boobs dangle into his face as she's fucked. Mr Marcus turns her over and finishes missionary before shooting his load over her pussy.

Half undressed, Sarah Jane lies on top of Frank Towers, her boobs pressed against his chest. Their hands caress each other as Sarah Jane slowly sinks down towards Frank's dick. Taking his cock in her mouth, she twists round. The two 69, Sarah Jane's auburn hair flopping over her face. The bed rocks as Sarah Jane is rammed on all fours. Rolling Sara Jane onto her back, Frank continues to hammer home. Ready to cum, Sarah Jane sits up and receives a facial. The image fades back to Missy masturbating.

At less than ten minutes per scene, all we have are snippets of action which fail to do justice to the girls who appear. While Blonde & Beyond may appeal to those who like early 90's films, for the general viewer the indifferent quality and 'choppy' nature of the compilation make it a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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