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Notes and Reviews
  • Constable Cocks (at least I presume that's how it's meant to be written), wearing a ridiculous toy policeman's helmet, knocks on the door of a flat. The door is opened by a naked Karleene Morgan who has phoned the police to report a burglary. She invites him in and they go into the bedroom where there is a naked man on the bed. He interviews them, and on the ridiculous pretext of getting them to demonstrate what they were doing when the burglary took place, a sex scene develops. Karleene sends her bloke to another room and she strips the PC and they begin to have sex. Then her bloke returns and joins in, goes off again, comes back. It all ends with one bloke cumming over her belly and the other giving her a facial. (This scene is included in shortened form in Celebrity Shags 7.)
  • We see a blonde on a bed in white lingerie, fondling herself and masturbating before she is joined by her bloke. It is Claire Graham, not as blonde or made up as she was in her Ben Dover appearance. They have a 69 and he uses a dildo on her before squirting cream from a can on to her pussy and tits then eating it off. She then does the same to his cock. They then fuck and it ends in a facial.
  • This is a long scene featuring genuine amateurs. It begins with a brunette in a fishnet basque and stockings on a couch with a bloke. They have sex in various positions before they are joined by a pretty blonde and her bloke. These two also have sex. Then it becomes a foursome, there is partner swapping and a lesbian show. It ends in the two girls lying in opposite directions but heads next to each other to receive the two facials.

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