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Released: 2001
Notes: One Eyed Jack, Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • The team peep on a girl stripping in front of a window. This turns out to be Linda [2] who is receiving instructions from them on her mobile. Inside she poses and then has a sex scene with Mark and Terry Stephens. John Mason also joins in and he, Terry and Mark take it in turns to hold the camera. In this video for some reason Mark has trouble holding it in, but he comes back for more after a premature cumshot over her body. Anal fingering is the prelude to actual anal and DP from Terry and John and reverse cowgirl anal from John. Terry cums over her body and tits. Linda's cheerful personality and great looks make a good scene even better.
  • Amanda White is fetched on the train and is groped, gives a blowjob and has sex with Karl on the train, on the station bridge and in the waiting room, with people passing by, coming into the waiting room and leaving in embarrassment (in the case of a businessman) and in cheerful tolerance (in the case of a woman passenger). Back at the house she takes on Terry and John as well in living room, bedroom and bathroom, including a facial from Terry in the bathroom and anal from John in the bedroom. This is the most daring the team have been for some time. Stimulating stuff.
  • Terry, John and Mark drive over the Severn Bridge to meet Tia who struts her stuff in the streets to the admiration of some builders, then gives Mark a blowjob on the shingle at the foot of a cliff where she is also licked by Terry and fucked by Mark. Back at the house there are high jinks in the kitchen which she enters looking spectacular in a very revealing dress which doesn't stay on long. In the lounge Mark has another case of the prematures as she rides him in the reverse cowgirl position, and who could blame him. She then takes on Terry and Mark at the same time. Wonderful to see Tia in boy/girl action - more please.
  • The team use someone else's house for an orgy involving Lianne Young, Laura Biggs and Hannah Harper. The initial action takes place in the kitchen. There is some lesbian stuff which doesn't last long. There is an extra cameraman present so no girl has to go without for long when the boy/girl stuff begins. They then move to the living room. The action is far too complicated to list, but all three girls take anal and there are facials. The only criticism here is one of excess - too many great-looking females to do any one of them their due.
  • Terry and John go to fetch Michelle Thorne, Taylor Morgan and Lee. Lee sits between the two girls in the back of the car and it isn't long before the flashing and the groping starts. This proceeds to blowjobs and frigging. At the house in the country we saw in the first of this series, there is a full FFM scene in the living room where Taylor takes doggy anal and Michelle rides Lee anally and very vigorously in the reverse cowgirl position. It all ends in a strong shared facial. Immediately after that Michelle chases Terry from the room threatening to kiss him. (Don't ask me why she calls him Harry though.)
  • This features Omar and Terry's 'flatmate' Christine who sounds as if she might be American. Omar is supposed to be a surprise for Christine as she has fancied him for some time. They fuck from kitchen to lounge to bedroom, including anal and two cumshots, the second of which is a facial.

Another top effort from One-Eyed Jack. This appears to be the last in the present series. I hope there's another one soon.

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