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  • British Amateurs from Soho
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British Amateurs from Soho is part of the R18 British Amateur series and this particular edition has two scenes (the first is filmed by Terry Stephens) and although the cover quotes the running time as 2 hours, it is more like 1 hour and 45 minutes. The two scenes are split in to two parts each, but they have chapter selection as well.

The first scene (which lasts for over an hour) starts off with Chris and Rich on a council estate joking about how easy women from council estates are. They meet Gina G (cast as Jean in the film) at the door of her council house and she walks Chris, Rich (and Terry) up the stairs where they meet Donna in the (run down) bedroom. While Donna and Gina are getting changed into something more fitting, they chat to Chris, Rich and Terry about other girls who Chris has "worked with" and they try to persuade Lindi in the background to come out, but at first he is very shy. Terry gropes Donna's arse and compliments her looks and her curvy bum. While Terry is ogling her arse, Chris pulls Donna's panties to the side and is very impressed with the appearance of her labia as they don't protrude and Donna hilariously says "What? Like Bacon flaps?" and the conversation continues. Next Rich is fondling Gina and kissing her arse while Terry looks down her cleavage and soon Rich is licking Gina's pussy, while Donna is still blabbing away to Chris in the background. Donna asks for Chris to spank her hard, but he spanks her too hard and then Chris spanks her more lightly and Donna says that she likes to be spanked while being fucked.

Next the girls are on their backs and being licked out by the guys. Chris takes off Donna's panties and carries on licking her pussy and Terry takes a peek down Donna's top, but Chris jokingly slaps his hand away and again Chris compliments Donna for having a beautiful, lipless pussy and he spreads it open and licks it again. Chris then starts to shallow fist Donna and then he strips off and Donna proceeds to give Chris a sloppy BJ (with ball sucking) to get him fully erect. Then the camera changes attention to Rich and Gina. Gina is giving Rich a BJ while Rich is fingering Gina and the camera soon fades out. When the camera fades back in, Donna is naked apart from heels and stockings and Chris is fucking her missionary (mish) while Rich and Gina are having sex in the same position and they soon change to sitting. After a couple of minutes, Chris pulls out and then Donna goes on all fours. Chris is awe-struck by the "view" and he goes with Donna doggy-style. Soon Donna goes off for a drink while Terry goes back to Rich and Gina where Gina is now giving Rich a standing BJ. Terry goes back to Donna and compliments her pert, small breasts, but Donna says that she will have them enlarged at a later date. Chris and Terry protest and Donna lights up a fag. In the next shot Gina is licking Donna's pussy and Donna moves away to Lindi who is in a dark room. She reaches for his cock and she is shocked by the size of it.

The camera fades out again and fades in with Terry looking at Gina in the kitchen who gives a little dance. Terry is soon licking Gina's arsehole and pussy, but Chris interrupts their "fun" and jokingly complains about Terry hogging the women and the camera so he leaves Gina to Rich's devices. Soon they are all back in the bedroom where there is another relaxed conversation, but next Gina is giving Chris a BJ while Rich is licking and fingering her pussy, then Chris, Rich and Terry take turns in spanking her. Donna makes another confession that she is really turned on when she is being fucked doggy-style, she likes having her hair pulled and being spanked and Chris does exactly that to Donna, albeit gently as she requested. Chris moves from regular doggy-style position to the higher position where you can see more of Donna's bum and thighs and there is a lot of pussy farting. Chris pulls out and both he and Donna start laughing, then Terry takes off Donna's right stocking and then she takes off her left stocking and Donna and Chris go in to a 69 until the camera fades out. When the camera fades back in, Donna is riding Chris in cowgirl and doing most of the work herself for several minutes and soon she has an orgasm (it looks like she really had one since her face is quite sweaty) and Chris cums on her just above her pussy and he rubs his cum in her breasts and kisses her. Terry is really impressed with their performance and Chris once again compliments Donna's pussy which is now very wet.

Next Lindi is licking Gina's pussy while Donna is squatting on her face, then Donna sits on Gina's stomach so Lindi can lick both of their pussies at the same time. After a little while, Chris steps over Donna and she gives him a BJ. The next shot has Chris fucking Gina mish while Donna is sitting on Lindi's face, then Donna goes off for another drink while Terry goes over to Chris and Gina. Chris cums and takes the cum off his cock with a finger and puts it in Gina's mouth which she sucks off. Donna makes another confession that she is really turned on by a guy when he cums in her pussy and licks the cum out and soon Chris is fucking Gina again mish (he has to be using Viagra for this scene!) and Donna goes on top of Chris for a FMF sandwich. Next Donna is on all fours and Terry zooms in on her bum and pussy and he compliments Donna again for how nice her pussy looks and finally Lindi is fucking Gina mish. The scene ends abruptly. Even though the first scene ended abruptly it was excellent and really enjoyable to watch, mainly due to the fact that it wasn't scripted and that everybody looked like they had the time of their lives.

The second scene (about 40 minutes long) has Angelica Highes (un-named in the film) in the kitchen and the male star Eric starts the work by fingering her. They kiss while Angelica starts to strip and gives Eric a BJ. Then they move to the bedroom and go 69 (with variation between guy-on-top and girl-on-top) and there is some unsightly male-rimming from Angelica. The sex starts mish and it soon changes to doggy-style and Angelica gives a P2M BJ, but again there is more unsightly male-rimming and anal fingering from Angelica. The sex starts again in doggy-style then to cowgirl then reverse cowgirl and then Eric cums on Angelica and she rubs it in to her pussy. The camera fades out to fade back in with Angelica virtually naked in the bathroom talking to the cameraman and she admits that in this scene she'll do anal with Eric. She puts on some different clothes and goes back to meet Eric in the bedroom. She shows her nipples off (which are very hard) and gives Eric a BJ then she strips and Eric licks her nipples, then Angelica lubes her body with baby oil. The sex starts again in reverse cowgirl (with entry shown) then she goes on all fours while Eric rims her and fingers her arse. Next they are having sex doggy-style, but Eric goes floppy and Angelica gives him a P2M BJ to get him erect again and they go doggy style again until he cums on her face. Even though Angelica said that she'd do anal with Eric, she only did anal fingering and since you got the hint that it would be anal intercourse, it was disappointing that there wasn't any.

The extras include a (frankly stingy) 8-photo slide show, several box covers featuring other R18 British Amateur films, scene & chapter selection and a 3-minute preview of British Amateurs 11.

The film is quite good, but I only liked the first scene as the performers seemed much more into the sex and the second scene was off-putting not only because of the male-rimming/fingering but also because it was poorly lit - it may be an amateur porn flick so you wouldn't expect big-budget lighting, but the lighting was so poor that you could see little of the action in the second scene. However with that said, the first scene alone makes the DVD worth buying.

Also the first scene is the same scene as that in "Sex in the Suburbs".

Review by D-Man

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