< British Bitches in Leather R18 DVD available

Released: 2001 (re-issue)
Director: Ben Sharp
Notes: Canamax Vixens re-issued at least in part
Notes and Reviews

British Bitches in Leather contains three scenes from Canamax Vixens, namely:

  • Dungeon scene featuring Sarah Daniels dominating Louise Armani and Sammy Marshall.
  • Similar scene with Claudia Casali, Nicky Maybanks and a blonde (NK0552).
  • Samantha-Jane Homden solo dildo scene, in same dungeon.

There is a fourth, bedroom scene, featuring the three girls from scene two. Having replaced their leather gear for lingerie they masturbate and use toys.

The film is shot in the same location and is similar in content to another Brit-Girl R18 film, Sex Bondage, and fans of one will probably enjoy the other.

(It is not known whether the first three scenes are an identical edit to 'Vixens' but together they run for 53 minutes - with the fourth scene running for an additional 22 minutes)

Notes by Mr Anon

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