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Hollywood Video, 2001

John walks up to the cameraman outside a church and talks about his re-possessed car. Later at a house, Louise Lovett, wearing a T-shirt and short skirt with stockings, lets him in. John takes photos of Louise from living room, to kitchen, to bedroom where we meet Richard. He wants to take photos of Louise and John together on the bed, which leads on to them having sex, starting with a blowjob, 69, and various positions. Richard joins in and gets a b.j. while Louise is being fucked doggie. John and Richard swap places and other positions are used including anal doggie and spoon from John and a very short D.P. The scene ends with a cumshot from John only over Louise's back.

Layla~Jade. Same scene as The Wild One of Bodmin. Ends with a hand job to cumshot from Layla.

John comes out of a telephone box saying "18 hours it took me to get out of there, 18 hours, the pair of them". When told of another girl to shoot John says "She's not a friend of Layla's?" and on being assured we shift to a living room with Debbie, as Jenny, wearing a white top and short black skirt, which soon comes off as photos are taken from the living room to the bathroom at which point John says he can hear Layla and he's off with Debbie in tow.

We cut to a hotel room shower where more photos are taken of Debbie. After asking her if she is horny, John strips off and Debbie joins him on the bed. Starting with the usual b.j. and 69, the positions are numerous including a standing doggie on the bed while Debbie leans against the wall, missionary with Debbie on a table, and holding her up cowgirl while John stands. Anal occurs also in doggie and spoon positions. Cumshot is over belly. At this point the cameraman opens the door and in walks Layla~Jade who strips off and jumps on John.

John walks into a hallway to find the cameraman getting a supposed b.j. from Gina G, as Jeanie, who thinks he is John. She is wearing a see through black top and short white skirt. When told the truth, the cameraman gets a slap and John gets pulled into the living room and given a b.j. A while later, with Gina lying on the sofa still wearing her clothes but with her knickers pulled aside, vaginal and anal penetration start in many positions during which her knickers come off. We cut to the stairs where Gina, now naked, gives John another b.j. and gets fucked doggie style and then up to a bedroom where more positions are tried out. No cumshot.

Review by Ian

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