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Alternate Titles
  • Wild Weekends: Weekend Away
  • Melanie Bishop US release including Wild Weekends: Weekend Away
  • Nikki Carlson US release including Wild Weekends: Weekend Away
  • Sam [3] as Sharron; US release including Wild Weekends: Weekend Away
Notes and Reviews

In this R18 version, the whole film takes place in the country hotel room of an English-speaking French couple. Both the guy and the woman, a slim slightly older redhead, are alone and wrapped in towels. The towels are removed and after extensive foreplay the pair fuck on the bed in most positions and conclude with facial.

Later, possibly the next day, the couple are still in bed when Melanie Bishop and her partner arrive. There is not the slightest interest in the fact that their hosts are naked, but after some small talk both pairs start to kiss which leads to full sex with their partners. Although both pairs stay mainly on the bed, there's not much interaction between the women until towards the end when there is some kissing and the joint cumshots over their faces. The Frenchwoman takes it up the arse and there are one or two nice moments as the women are fucked doggy side by side.

The third part sees the return of the couple to the room along with a blonde Nikki Carlson and Sam. The couples settle in their seats while Nikki and Sam put on a girl/girl show. This is mainly licking, fingering and grinding as the girls brought no props. A banana is offered by one of the guests, but this is soon mashed between the girls' pelvises. The scene ends with the girls wanking themselves and kissing and it does look as if Sam orgasms.

Picture quality suffers from transfer to DVD. Good action, but not enough of it to fill 95 minutes.

Review by Bayleaf

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