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Released: 2002
Director: Steve Perry
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This Ben Dover release, with a R18 certificate, has four scenes of all-new material and runs for two-and-a-half hours. Fans of Ben are in for a treat, with three fresh Brit Girls, a cute Euro-chick and star Layla~Jade.

First up is La Toya, a buxom, long-haired brunette with a cheeky smile and a saucy glint in her eyes. She is interviewed in Ben's house, wearing a blue basque, stockings and suspenders, and explains that she is getting back into modelling after surviving a nasty motorcycle accident.

La Toya proves to be a 'game' girl. She has sex with Pascal in a variety of positions, giving Ben a sloppy blowjob at the same time. She is finger-fucked by Ben until she comes, dribbling juices on the sofa. She has cowgirl sex with Pascal whilst Ben spanks her. La Toya goes for a pee, which Ben films, then has anal sex with Pascal. There is some ass-to-mouth action and La Toya shoves her panties into her pussy whilst she is getting ploughed. Facials, with some cum swallowing, end what is probably the best scene of this vid.

La Toya is a girl to watch out for and a particular treat for fans of well-built women.

The second scene is introduced by Ben, explaining that Pascal has been recognised by the receptionist of the Antwerp Hotel they are staying with and it is possible that she wants to do a scene. After some covert filming in the hotel car-park, we are properly introduced to June in the hotel bedroom. She is a statuesque brunette euro-babe who speaks good English and turns out to have a great sense of humour.

After stripping down to knee length high-heeled boots, June dishes out blowjobs to Ben and Pascal like a pro, before having sex with Pascal. At one point Pascal pulls out and plunges his dick into the ice bucket, as a delaying tactic. This backfires somewhat, as June promptly puts an ice cube in her mouth and gives Pascal a cold blowjob, before pushing more ice into her pussy.

After some bathroom peeing antics, June attempts anal sex with Pascal, but is evidently too tight. Instead she takes facials from Ben and Pascal and then rubs them over her body, ending another fine scene.

Third scene marks the return of Layla~Jade. She has now got long blonde hair and an enlarged pair of breasts and has brought along new-comer Jessie J, whom she is planning to take to the U.S. Ben, Jessie, Layla and a stud called Ian drive back to Ben's house. Layla has anal sex with the guy and treats us to more of her trademark filthy talk, but it is Jessie who does most of the fucking. Layla uses 'anal training kit' toys to DP Jessie and with her ass suitably prepared, Ian takes over. The scene ends with the stud providing a gushing cum-shot, surprising even the experienced Layla~Jade.

This scene would have been more balanced if Layla~Jade had had more sex (hire another guy, Ben!), but Jessie is very capable and carries another enjoyable scene. Another girl with the potential to go far.

The final scene is the shortest in duration. It features "Morgan", a blue-eyed, petite blonde with a freckled face and the sort of accent that pronounces 'something' with a 'k'. Ben and Steve Hooper meet up with her in a London flat and after the usual interview & strip, Morgan has her pussy licked and reciprocates with blow jobs. Morgan has sex with Steve, but after experimenting with a butt-plug they conclude that anal sex is going to be a non-starter.

The DVD version has a promo video, consisting of short-cuts taken from some of Bens' earlier movies. More significantly, there is also about twenty minutes of bonus footage, taken from each of the four scenes above:

  • While Ben is elsewhere, La Toya grabs the camcorder and films herself being fucked.
  • Layla masturbates Jessie with a vibrator and fingers, whilst the stud is on a break, then Jessie pisses in the bath and gives Ben a blowjob whilst sucking a lollipop at the same time.
  • June fucks Pascal on the sofa, then in the bathroom.
  • Morgan plays with a couple of different-sized butt plugs.

Review by Mr Anon

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