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Notes: Videorama, Junge Debutantinnen series
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Videorama, Harry S. Morgan

This follows the usual Sex and Fun with Harry format with Harry interviewing the girls and translating into German. These are very good humoured interviews, nice to watch and listen to, but the sex action which follows tends to be very routine. The abilities of some of the girls are therefore rather wasted from some points of view, especially Faye, Laura, Angel and Ashley, but I suppose Harry knows the market he's aiming at. Perhaps he's putting over the idea that British girls are very demure and how lucky the viewer is to see them do even the things they do here.

  • Sammy [5], a British-based Thai model, looks very cute in a school uniform and is very giggly. She has a scene with Steve Hooper including anal, cumshot over her belly.
  • Faye Rampton is interviewed in a pub lounge next to a pool table. She is persuaded to display her wonderful figure to its best advantage and then has sex with Tony di Serghio on the said pool table and on a chair, including anal, cumshot over pussy.
  • Morgan [3], a small-breasted, blonde British model who lives in France, says she doesn't have a boyfriend and prefers her hobbies, but she has straight sex with Steve Hooper and seems to enjoy it a lot. He cums over her pussy.
  • Sheena McGrath is interrupted while messing about with a black chap in the bar to be interviewed by Harry. It is implied that the black chap is her boyfriend. However, she doesn't do the sex scene with this bloke, but with Steve Hooper, part facial.
  • Laura Hermenson appears in her schoolgirl uniform which she removes to show a wonderful tan. She has sex with Tony to facial.
  • Sharon [4], a real 'Essex girl' with short auburn hair, gets really into it with Steve Hooper who cums over her belly.
  • Angel-Long looks very glamorous and towers over Harry. She has sex with Steve Hooper. No facial.
  • Ashley Long does her sex scene with Frazer to facial.

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