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Notes: STB H-1555
Alternate Titles
  • British Young Sluts 83 R18 DVD available Simply Films
Notes and Reviews

The theme of this video is the well-worn one of potential models being interviewed on the casting couch.

  • Ashley Long wants to be a stripper and puts on a show for Karl Kincaid. The show doesn't last long, however, and it soon turns into a sex scene - b/g and dildo. This is routine with cumshot over body.
  • Alan Nielson interviews Suzi Wildin, who is larger in all respects apart from height than she was when first seen in The Club. Some of her fans will like this, others perhaps not. She says her bra size is 34 Double J and invites the disbelieving Alan to feel them. She poses for a stills shoot which turns into a b/g scene with cumshot over her tits, of course.
  • Baby wants to be a pornstar and is interviewed by Karl Kincaid. This scene progresses in the same way as the others to a cumshot over her tits. A pity this is so routine as Baby is capable of a bit of acting.
  • This is by far the best scene (though some will deplore the use of a condom). Sarah-Louise [4] enters the office for her interview and finds it deserted. She sits behind the desk and finds some girly mags lying open on it. She looks at them, gets turned on and begins to play with herself. Alan comes in to the room and catches her at it, to her embarrassment. She acts this out very well - far better than he does. She seduces him to cover her blushes, sitting on his lap as he frigs her. She deep throats him (calling herself Sarah Deep Throat) and then he fucks her (with condom) and cums over her bum. The slow build up and her good acting in this scene, plus the fact that she is the only new girl in the video, makes it stand out.
  • Czech (but British-based) girl Jirina aka Joy has a routine scene with Karl Kincaid to finish things off as they began. He cums over her belly.

This is assembly-line porn, but well worth it for Sarah-Louise's scene, and, for fans of the fuller figure, the Suzi Wildin scene.

Additional notes from Bill Malone:

This film shares many scenes with the title Casting Couch Cuties, released by Maxim (see also EGAFD). British Teeny Sluts 3 only has the three scenes from the former (which had five), and only the ones starring Karl Kincaid (and Ashley Long, Baby and Jirina) and has a slightly better picture quality too. CCC, however, doesn't have BTS3's 25 chapter stops (it only has 3) making navigation frustrating. British Teeny Sluts 3 features scenes of Sarah-Louise [4] and Suzie Wildin that Casting Couch Cuties doesn't contain. Also both titles are only available from www.simplyporndvd.com and are not cross referenced on their website, so unless you read this you may not realise they are the same scenes repackaged.

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