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Released: 2001
Director: Stoney Curtis
Notes: Celestial
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Running time: 123 mins.

Beverley Hills 9021-HO is one of those plot based films which may have looked OK on paper but when put into practice, the story line runs out halfway through the second scene - leaving the performers high and dry and not sure what's going on. Unfortunately, the British girls in the film, Jessie J and Layla~Jade, find themselves on the wrong side of the line when the script stops.

Clean living Brook Lane is about to get married, but director Stoney Curtis sets her up with a steamy sex scene with Sofie Evans and her boyfriend.

When husband to be Lee Stone finds out what's happened he gets his revenge by hiring two hookers. Misty turns up early and the two are well underway before Jessie J makes her appearance. Quickly stripping, she wastes no time joining Misty in some cock sucking. Lee sits on the sofa and lets the girls ride his cock. Pulling open her bum, Jessie drops to her knees to be taken from behind. Swivelling round, Jessie and Lee 69 as Misty licks and laps at the pair. A little more anal action for Jessie and the girls get covered in cum.

For some reason a guy turns up to shag Jodie Moore by the pool. She looks towards the director throughout the scene. Is it inspiration or help she requires?

Some stock shots of Rodeo Drive and Layla~Jade meets up with Craig to do some shopping. With nothing else to do, the pair head back to the house for the mandatory patio scene. Easing her boobs out of her red lace dress, Layla~Jade lets Craig lick. As she relaxes on the lounger she lets him lick her pussy. Unzipping his pants, Layla takes Craig's pierced cock in her mouth. Her tongue runs over his shaft. Parting her legs, the lad jabs into her stubbly snatch. She rides the guy reverse. Down on all fours, Layla moves Craig's cheb from her pussy to her arse. He cums over her face.

The final scene is the weirdest in the film. Baker Hershel Savage is delivering food for Jewels' pool party. Thinking she looks sexy in her dress, he thrusts his cock into one of the cakes for satisfaction. Jewels must have a sweet tooth and she sucks him clean before they shag.

Poorly conceived and directed, a lot of time is spent staring at the camera by the performers as an off screen voice calls out the plot. It may have been possible to get away with the dire dialogue had the action been more sympathetically shot, but alas, it was not. The camera angles used don't flatter any of the girls, with both Jessie and Layla~Jade made to look slightly podgy. A film to avoid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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