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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

The sixth in Omar's stylish series. As usual the storylines, sets and camerawork are imaginative, but the excesses in the editing suite are overpowering. Split screens, monochrome, colour reversal, jump cuts forward and backwards in the narrative and numerous other screen effects are fine, but not all in one 20 minute scene.

Each scene is titled and includes performers' names.

  • Scene 1, Present: Someone has sent Phillipe a big silver box which contains Maxine as a fairy. This is a very pretty costume consisting of a short see-through skirt, a couple of pom-poms covering her boobs, and a wand. Unusually these days she has white lines where her pants and crop-top have been while sunbathing. The action starts brightly, and there is sex in a wide variety of positions, but Maxine looks bored and distracted towards the end. After the facial, Phillipe sweeps Maxine off her feet and tidily replaces her in the box.
  • Scene 2, Policewoman: Sally Huxley is a policewoman who has come to take down Catriana's particulars. Which she does, finding it necessary to use her handcuffs on her suspect. A good lesbian scene follows including plenty of dildo action. Sally, showing officer material, keeps her hat on throughout, otherwise both girls are completely nude.
  • Scene 3, Staircase: Does exactly what it says on the tin. Lee Henshaw fucks Sammy on the stairs. Sammy looks delightful in and out of her gold bikini and is unflinchingly enthusiastic. Lee, bizarrely, is wrapped in clingfilm at the start, but most of this has rubbed off by the end.
  • Scene 4, Cheerleader Practice: Both Vanessa and Nicola are quite chunky girls but are quite believable as cheerleaders. They strip as the girl-girl scene progresses. Plenty of editing effects here too to mask some tame action, though the sight of a bright green double-ender in both girls as they grind their pubes together is quite arousing.
  • Scene 5, Private Dancer: Another creatively lit scene has Omar alone on stage on a bar stool waiting for Sandie to perform around him. This she does dressed only in hold-ups and a fetching black trilby hat. A very athletic sex scene follows as befits two professionals.

This programme shows lots of imagination, lots of pretty girls and good-looking blokes, but all a bit overproduced. No dialogue, just music, and there's no attempt to choreograph the action to the sound. This series tries a bit too hard at the moment. Keep it simple Omar and this could be excellent stuff.

Review by Bayleaf

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