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Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews

Scene 1

Ben Dover visits a photographer friend called Bob, who is busy adjusting an umbrella on a lamp when Ben enters. Ben is introduced to a young girl called Nichole (Jane Whitehouse), who is sitting on a bed in the studio. She is wearing a white t-shirt, white shorts and knee-length boots and is combing her long blond hair. She tells Ben she has wanted to work for him for a long time. Bob's boss Paul, a man with a grey goatee, enters.

Jane, being asked what she would like to do for Ben Dover, shows her tits and lowers her shorts, showing a pair of black knickers.

Paul leaves the studio. Nichole removes her t-shirt and her shorts. Bob feels her crotch. She sits down upon the floor and plays with her tits. Then she rises and tells the guys she has to pee. She removes her knickers. Bob fetches a big pot with artificial flowers, takes out the flowers and presents the pot to Nichole. She pees into the pot.

Nichole stoops forward and Bob cuddles her. She sits down upon the bed, produces his cock and starts blowing him. She grabs Ben's cock too ('That is a big dick, that. Where did you get that from?'). She blows them by turns and then together.

She lies down on the bed and Bob eats her pussy, while Ben is masturbating. When Bob and Nichole start performing 69, Ben approaches the bed. Nichole changes Bob's penis for Ben's.

Bob fucks Nichole cowgirl style, doggie style while she is blowing Ben, standing up and filmed from below, doggie style and filmed from below, and spoon style. In between she blows Bob while he is playing with her tits and Ben is fingering her, and she blows the guys by turns again.

Both Bob and Ben wank off and squirt their sperm into her face. She licks the leftovers from their cocks. Suddenly she bends forward to the camera and kisses it. The picture gets blurred.

Being familiar with the Seventeen films, I had a déjà-vu experience watching this scene. The scenes with Jane Whitehouse in 'Teenage Perversions 8', 'Lusty Teens 4' and 'Kinky Teens 3', the scenes with Tiffany Walker in 'Teen Town 6', 'Teenage Perversions 8', 'Lusty Teens 3' and 'Laura's First Time', the scene with Natalie Sheldon in 'Kinky Teens 3' and the scene with Anja in 'Laura's First Time' have been shot in the same studio. In all these scenes the same bed is being used. Some stage-properties figure in all scenes: an occasional table with artificial flowers, a window with shutters. Jane uses the same pot for the same purpose in 'Teenage Perversions 8' and Tiffany in 'Teen Town 6'. The biggest surprise: Paul is the guy who shags Jane Whitehouse in 'Kinky Teens 3' (and makes up there for what he misses here) and Tiffany Walker in 'Teenage Perversions 8' (though he is called Jim there).

Scene 2

Ben Dover tells Pascal that he is waiting for a lady with a big bum. He shows Pascal a video tape of an event where he presents both the lady and her bum. Terri Weymouth, the lady concerned, arrives. She has blond curls. After some talking she shows her tits and her arse. She does not wear knickers.

There is a third man present, cameraman Bob (I had some doubts at first, but now I think he is the Bob from Scene 1). He is on screen most of the time, so the biggest part of this scene must have been shot by Ben Dover.

Terry goes upstairs and returns wearing a basque, nylons and a dressing gown, left open. The guys are already naked. Terry enters a bedroom and throws off her dressing gown.

After some close-ups of her bum she lies down on a bed. Pascal starts eating her pussy. This is the introduction to a threesome: Terry, Pascal and Bob. Both guys fuck her, missionary, cowgirl and doggie style. She performs blowjobs and handjobs on both. We also witness double penetration.

There is a short interlude where she is blowing Ben. Then she creeps towards Pascal and Bob, who have put chains around their necks and are wanking. She blows Pascal, while Bob shags her doggie style. Then she wanks off Bob, while Pascal shags her cowgirl style.

At last both guys squirt their sperm into her face. When they have finished, Ben Dover gives her a fresh load.

Scene 3

Ben, Pascal and cameraman Bob visit a castle. There is a paper on the door: 'Ben & The Gang!! Do you like surprises? Come straight up!! Love Carrie XX.' Of course they like surprises and they go in and climb a spiral staircase.

Upstairs they meet a pair of identical twins with blond pigtails: Jayney (Louise McCormick) and Jade (Ann McCormick). Jade has longer pigtails and (as appears later) a shaved pussy, while Jayney has kept her pubes. Both have a pierced tongue and a pierced belly button.

The girls play with their skirts and show their knickers. The men produce their cocks already. The girls remove each other's skirts. They enter a bathroom and step into the bath, dressed in vests and knickers. They throw water at each other before they sit down. From the bath they start blowing Pascal and Ben.

The girls remove their vests and step out of the bath. The next moment they have rubbed themselves down and take off each other's knickers. They sit down upon a table and allow the men to inspect their pussies. Pascal eats Jade's, Ben Jayney's pussy.

Pascal starts screwing Jade and Bob Jayney, at first on the table, then on a sofa, cowgirl, doggie and missionary style. Jayney is blowing Ben Dover in between.

The guys use their fingers to prepare Jayney's anus for Pascal's dick. Her sister holds her hand when Pascal penetrates her. (A touching moment in a porn film - is it possible? Here is one.) Jayney looks like it hurts. Jade starts blowing Bob; later they start to fuck again.

The girls blow Bob and Pascal. Now it is Jade's turn to be screwed in her anus. Bob does it, doggie style, while she is blowing Pascal. Jayney takes over Pascal's cock.

Pascal screws Jade in her anus while Jayney is lying under her and takes a cock in her mouth now and then.

Three dicks squirt a load of sperm into two mouths. The girls share their loads. The film ends with a close-up of two sperm-smeared faces.

Scene 4

Georgette Neale enters Ben's living room, dressed in a leather coat with a spicy bra and knickers underneath. She has a pierced belly button and spiky blond hair (I don't think she is a natural blonde). She sits down upon a couch. Ben Dover says he has met her before: she was Natasha in 'Alley Cats' and now and then he still calls her Natasha, though she wants to be called Georgette now. She tells him what happened to her since 'Alley Cats'. She is a model now.

At Ben's request she starts playing with her hand in her see-through knickers. She lowers her bra and pulls her knickers aside. With Ben's assistance she masturbates. She pulls down his trousers and starts blowing him.

She has to laugh when a cock is peeping through a door left ajar. A naked Pascal enters the room. Pascal and Georgette exchange an enthusiastic kiss before he starts eating her pussy. She blows him. At first he is standing in front of her, then he steps upon the couch and she blows him from below.

He removes her knickers. He kneels above her and she licks his arse. After some friendly slaps on her bum he fucks her doggie style, while she is blowing the omnipresent cameraman Bob.

There is some more intercourse: reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary while she is wanking Bob, two dicks in her pussy, doggie style with Pascal: first her pussy, then her anus, while she is blowing Bob. Pascal fills her anus, reverse cowgirl style, and Bob her pussy.

Finally she is blowing Ben, with Bob shagging her doggie style. Ben squirts his sperm into her mouth. Pascal and Bob follow his example. The film ends with a shot of her sperm-smeared mouth.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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