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Released: 2003
Notes: Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Pumpkin Films.

The first of a pair of DVDs of the Adult Channel series Barely 18 in which new (or new-ish at any rate) models speak to camera about their experiences, fantasies, sexual preferences and hopes for their modelling career, this being intercut with an appropriate scene.

  • Karla St James (who must have left school illegally early if she spent four years as a secretary before modelling and is only just 18) has a solo masturbation and dildo scene.
  • Donna Marie (Ibbotson) loves her work and has a b/g scene with a black male. This ends with a Doveresque facial, i.e. it hits her in the eye.
  • Ashley (Ashley Long) loves to masturbate and does so in her scene.
  • Maxine likes to watch porno videos (so do we) and the hairy bush which she reveals during her b/g scene with the same black guy should please some who visit this site.
  • Fran Lord, a former receptionist, enjoys masturbation - visibly.
  • Teona has a fantasy about getting a hard anal fucking from a black man. This is fulfilled.
  • Karina (Clarke) says her favourite position is doggy and her fantasy is to have hardcore g/g sex, has a solo scene in which she gives herself a dildo DP.
  • Chloe [11] loves masturbation, but she demonstrates an equal fondness for sex with other people (of both sexes) as she is joined by the black stud used for all the b/g scenes in this DVD and by Stephanie Grant who attends to those parts of Chloe's body left vacant by her male partner. Chloe takes a facial to finish.
  • Bonnie Heart says she likes doggy and also that she likes to give herself a dildo DP, and we soon see that she isn't kidding.
  • Finally Amber [5] fantasises about having sex with lots of strangers in an orgy. But she has to make do with a b/g scene which ends with a cumshot on her neck and chest.

I liked the way the b/g scenes were alternated with solo scenes, presumably to be reversed in the second DVD, and also the fact that there were 10 short scenes. This is much preferable to 4 or 5 long scenes in my view.

Bayleaf's view:

This is a new series from the generally excellent Pumpkin Films. I haven't seen the matching Adult Channel series so I can't say how much more explicit these are.

The programme contains a series of ten minute scenes, which are too short to develop any erotic atmosphere, but are ideal to showcase the talents of a lot of girls. Each girl is shown arriving at Pumpkin's Bristol base and gives a short interview to camera, which is continued and intercut with the rest of the scene. Unfortunately the responses are very similar with each girl claiming to have been modelling for just a few weeks. Unless these scenes have been filmed over a long period of time this can't be the case with such established stars as Ashley Long.

First up is Carla St James who has a solo scene with a pink dildo. Donna Ibbotson follows in a scene with a young black stud who acts as house-stud for the rest of the video. Ashley Long is next with a solo scene then Maxine arrives for an early boy-girl scene, which does have a genuine feel of a new model as she has crooked teeth, natural breasts and unshaved pubes. Fran Lord's scene is solo followed by Teona who performs with the black stud. Karina Clarke, sweetness personified, brings herself off with dildos in her pussy and bum. Next Chloe [11] has a scene with the black stud, Stephanie Grant shares the bed to give Chloe a bit of moral support but doesn't get involved. Bonnie Heart performs solo and the programme concludes with Amber [5] performing with the house stud.

Nice programme with lots of girls but, like a Chinese Takeaway, lots of different dishes but you're left wanting more.

Barely 18 part one shares almost all the same cast as part two.

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