< Betty Swollocks (Dirty Bitch), Volume 2 : Nurse Betty DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Omar Williams
Alternate Titles
  • Betty l'infirmière anglaise
  • Betty Swollocks 2: Nurse Betty DVD available USA, VCA
  • Nurse Betty DVD available USA, VCA
Notes and Reviews

Runtime 83 mins.

Claire Brown is Betty Swollocks with a new job - Nurse Betty. With her long hair, Claire Brown looks different from her short spikey haired self in Butt Jammin' Barmaids. It seems to emphasise her nose making her look a little like the American Bella Donna. I don't know how but this seems to be have been filmed at a real hospital or was that just the outside location, no other staff were seen (except for a 'Nurse' in Dr Phil's scene), the hallways seemed mighty empty? She is followed by a woman camera operator (Dolly/Dollie) who talks a lot.

Scene 1

Paul needs his temperature taken. He seems half asleep in bed wrapped in some bandages. Nurse (and the camera woman) can't help peaking under the blankets. The camerawoman even touchs the blokes dick. Betty gives Paul a blowjob. Betty mounts the patient who wakes up. They then shag doggy style. Claire Brown has still got that irregular breathing/moaning pattern whilst shagging. Betty takes over, for a short while, and uses a strap-on for some anal sex. After 69 and doggy Paul spunks over and into the mouth of Nurse Betty. They think someone is arriving so the 3 split.

Scene 2

Betty tries to make a bed. Amelia - a senior nurse - gives a helping hand in more ways than one. This scene starts quite sexily. There is no kissing (I noticed one tongue touching moment), but lots of female stroking. Amelia on the bed gets some nice finger work from Betty. Dolly then introduces a shiny vibrator. What's obivous in this scene is the lighting operator who's shadow we see and the second camera operator. They try to be as discrete as possible while Betty uses the vibro on Amelia. Amelia then uses the silver phallus on Betty. The two then share the vibro at the same time leading to more energetic shagging. The end segment when Amelia uses the dildo on the arse of Betty to achieve a mutual orgasm seems less than authentic.

Scene 3

Nick as Dr Phil Goode - a lovely male doctor - says a patient has to have his gaul bladders removed (I thought you only had one of them!) and he suggests Betty should do it. A distraught Betty gets some comfort from big Dr Nick. Blowjob. Pussy Licking which leads to shagging on the stairs. In an awkward stair well we get cowgirl, this fade edits to doggy. An annoying feature of this dvd is the fade edits. They seem to shorten the scenes for no apparent reason. We get onto a limp anal. A hotter lying down shagging segment leads to a sperm splodge on Betty's pussy. The doctor gets called away for a dead patient.

Scene 4

Sharon (Holly Gold) and ? Omar wrapped in a bandages, his left arm and right leg in a full hard cast. In the funniest scene, Omar looks like he came from a Norman Wisdom film. A blonde walks in as Betty is taking the patients temperature. Omar mumbles through the bandages as Sharon goes from dipstick hand wanking to cowgirl. Amazingly Omar does doggy on top of the bed in all his bandage gear. Sharon is a good performer, she gets into the shagging. we get some good gaping hole anal stabs, but the scene as a whole has annoying fade edits. These are usually used to indicate the passing of a large amount of time. But here they only show a few seconds between fade edits. The insert edits of a turned on Betty who looks on, sort of annoyed me. Omar eventually spunks over Sharon's mouth and chest. Sharon finds out that this is room 6 and not room 9 with her husband. Exit Sharon.

Review by Joe King

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