< Betty Swollocks (Dirty Bitch), Volume 4 : Anal Fuckfest DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Omar Williams
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Fickfest mit Betty Swollocks DVD available Tabu
  • Anal Fuckfest DVD available USA, VCA
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 92 mins.

Claire Brown as Betty Swallocks spends 92 minutes sucking and fucking her way through girls and boys in this four-scene film directed by Omar Williams.

Having been sacked as a Nurse (Volume 3) Betty meets the ever faithful "Dolly" the camera woman outside a country hotel dressed in her trademark long black leather coat and white knee-length boots. She flashes open her coat to reveal a maids outfit ready for her new job. Betty's first task is to take a tray to Ian "Dirty Dog" and Justin's room. She opens the door and is ready to serve them, but not with breakfast. Both boys get their early morning blow jobs. Betty then strips off to have her pussy fingered. Betty plants her pussy on Ian's dick, riding him reverse cowgirl as she sucks off Justin. It's then time to taste her juices from Ian's cock while Justin slides his man meat in her pussy. Betty wants more and both guys take turns filling her bum with cock, then, to fully satisfy her, finish with a long hard DP session. Betty fills her mouth with cum and leaves the room having had her breakfast.

In the kitchen Betty finds Amber wearing a white see-through maid's uniform. Betty then notices Amber is washing dildos not dishes and it doesn't take long for dirty Betty to get her tongue down Amber's panties. Amber climbs onto the work top allowing Betty to take mouthfuls of muff. It's then time to try the newly washed vibrator in Amber's pussy. Next out of the sink is a large black dildo which Amber slides between Betty's wet lips. The girls 69 on the floor licking and filling each other with toys, but this is not enough - Betty wants her bum drilled. Amber manages to push the black toy half way up Betty's arse then, after licking off the bum juice, get the whole toy in. The girls then bring themselves to orgasm, Amber playing a vibrator in her pussy and Betty banging the black toy up her bum.

Betty's next job is to take coffee to the room of Jamie and Omar. She opens the door to find the pair are already warming up for a sex session - Omar sucking Jamie's tits and playing with her pussy whilst she plays with his cock. Betty decides to watch what is going on. Crouched by the door, she rubs her pussy hard through her red knickers as Jamie mounts Omar's cock and rides him reverse cowgirl and when she turns to be taken doggy style Betty joins in the fun. At first she is happy to lick Jamie's clit and suck the juices from Omar's mighty member, but then she wants her turn, first in the pussy then reverse cowgirl in the arse. Jamie also fancies some anal action and takes Omar spoon position. Betty turns to be taken doggy up the bum with Jamie under her, licking her clit. Omar releases his load in and over Betty's bum. Jamie catches most of the dripping cum in her mouth.

Finally Betty is called to the room of Kay and Justin (who for some strange reason is now called Tony) to repair the TV. She manages to get a picture, though the couple are now more interested in each other than what's on the box. Kay gives Justin's cock a good deep suck, then wants her pussy filled, immediately pulling aside her white knickers to give access. Betty just watches as Kay slips off her white blouse and knickers and is done spoon position on the floor in her denim skirt and bra. These too are discarded as Kay slides Justin's prick up her arse and rides him reverse cowgirl. Betty has to join in and, after tonguing Kay's clit, she pulls her red knickers to one side to take Justin first in the pussy then the arse. Both girls do A2M between bouts of banging Betty's bum. Eventually the excitement is too much for Justin and he cums over Betty's bum cheeks. Kay licks her clean.

The film has little plot, little dialogue, but plenty of hot sex and Betty has proved again she is a dirty slut. The film will appeal to most and Betty deserves a medal as one of the few girls that can take Omar's length up the arse. Definitely worth another watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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