< Black Mystique

Released: 1970s
Director: John Fortune
Notes: loop, Tabu, 16½ mins.
Notes and Reviews

A twenty-minute short, shot in Britain in the 1970s, but for the German company Tabu.

Rosemary [2] visits a fortune teller, above a newsagents, explaining she might be frigid. They gaze into the crystal ball and then the fortune teller, Madame Zeena (NK0602), moves behind her and fondles her breasts, a lesbian session follows, then Rosemary seems to go into a trance and moves into another room which is the inside of a tent where two black men have Tim Blackstone handcuffed and nude lying on the floor, while Annette Poussin is attending to one of the black men, dressed as a sort of sheikh. Rosemary is given the key to unlock Tim's handcuffs and lots of sex follows as Madame Zeena comes to join in. Then Rosemary wakes up and wonders why her blouse is undone. She leaves and is flustered to pass the two black men in the street.

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