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Released: 2003
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews

This 2003 release has the same title as a previous video release, from which the Kelly Aris scene is taken. For a review of that scene see the earlier review (except to say she is very...very...good).

For those who say uncle Ben is losing his touch, I say: bollocks. I have enjoyed Ben's output for over 10 years and while it is true to say that his original schtick of picking up unknowns has largely fallen away, his unequalled style continues to entertain. It's the day to day photographers like John Mason who find the new talent while Ben chooses the dirtiest of girls and make them dirtier.

Summer is reclining on the studio bed in jeans and t-shirt having just won pornstar of the month (what's that?). She wants to do something a bit classy, like a pop video, so, when Summer changes into some black leather, Ben obliges with a short solo strip sequence tightly cut to a guitar track. Nice. Once down to her belt and fishnets we snap back to find Summer sucking Ben's cock, shortly followed by Pascal's and Marino's.

Pascal has the honour of going first as the sexual pace increases. Sex in several positions follows as Ben gets more involved than usual, passing the camera to Marino so that he can get both hands between Summer's legs, opening her up for the anal to come. Four naked bodies writhe around as both Pascal and Marino have anal sex including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and the scene concludes with three generous facials. Some fluid is collected in a glass which Summer drinks. Fantastic stuff.

Ben is at the Plus show in Brighton, being interviewed and getting an award. When he returns to his stand he finds Jenny Loveitt topless with John Mason. Ben suggests a trip to his mate's dildo stand where Jenny tries out a few samples which creates a scrum of amateur photographers. The scrum intensifies as Jenny gets ruder and ruder and eventually they retire to John's hotel room. With John doing the filming, Ben puts an increasing number of dildos into Jenny as she sits naked in the bathroom, finally forcing two large examples up her arse. Scene ends.

Ben has Calvin on camera when he introduces Kym and Susan. Kym wears a white baby-doll outfit and Susan a black body with short pants. Both girls are tall (5'8" or 10") and in their four inch heels they tower over Ben as they stand either side of him. Ben has Marino and Pascal on hand for the sexual action so as the four stand together, Kym is well over four inches above Marino and Susan even tops Pascal (no shorthouse) by an inch or so! Amazing.

The girls are shared by the guys as they lick and suck each other on the sofa until Marino enters Kym and Susan climbs on top of Pascal. The positions and partners swap around and feature that finest of porn shots, two couples side by side both reverse cowgirl. Ben gets back in the act as he lubes both girls as they kneel, bums in the air, ready for anal sex. Once again the girls are shagged all over the lounge before Kym is invited to take both guys at once. Finally Susan is persuaded to take both guys together and gets Ben's cock in her mouth for good measure. The scene ends with a two-girl triple facial.

Meanwhile, back in Brighton, Jenny has slipped on some fishnet stockings and Ben has found Marino, Pascal, Dimitri and Guy. The action is fast and furious and includes double vaginal penetration as Jenny squirts so much Marino has to leave to clean the camera. Jenny takes all the guys up her bum then follows with a series of dps. However Jenny isn't finished and takes both Pascal and Marino up the bum simultaneously, then Pascal and Dimitri. The scene ends with Jenny taking a facial from all five cocks - absolutely filthy.

For those who question Ben's ability to provide something new - buy this video. For those who think Ben's still the master, well you've probably got this one already.

And there's a truly wonderful extra 5 minute out-take at the end featuring Jenny - but you'll have to buy the video to find out about it.

Review by Bayleaf

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